Friday, June 17, 2011

No Time!

Marathon Training Week 6 - Day 4 & 5

Randee was super pumped that Jillian Michaels kicked our butts both days. 

Seriously.  She gets all hot and bothered doing Jillian.  It's kinda disturbing.

Me, I dread Thursday and Friday.  I would rather run 100 miles than deal with Jillian.
We did 'No More Trouble Zones' on Thursday.  It sucked butt. 

We did Level 1 of ' Total Body Shred' on Friday.  It still sucked butt.

Jillian basically turns me into a sexy beast.  Don't you think?
Since the hubby is off for a few days, I'm on vacation.  What that means is I am consuming my body weight in food, spending lots of time in the sun and being even lazier than normal.

My family has allowed me exactly four minutes to write this blog post.  So, all you get for now is a few pictures.  More details to come once the hubby returns to work! :)

Audrie wanted to know if there was really any outfit that here orange cowgirl boots didn't go with.  Nope, none that I can think of.

My son has decided he is a hillbilly geek.  Surfing the net while chewing on a toothpick and wearing a cowboy hat.

I've lost all control.  I distinctly remember putting a "no dogs on the couch" rule in place.  Hmm.
Okay, I'm getting the evil eye.  It's apparently pool time again.  10 miles is on the agenda for the morning.

Happy Friday!

Today I'm thankful for my 10 year old son Trent.  At dinner he informed me, "If a woman can't cook me some good meat I don't want her."  Well alright than.


  1. Oh, Trent. It's the man's job to learn how to cook the meat. The woman's job is to go all gluten free and vegan on his ass so he is constantly confused.

  2. And BTW, I am lov'n your pink skirt.