Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Marathon Training Week 6 - Day 3

Today was supposed to be a 35 minute tempo run.  At 4:15am, when my alarm went off, I texted Randee and said no can do.  I felt blah.  My stomach was a little upset.  I didn't want to run.  Loser, I know.

Since I have no workout pics you get this....

Randee rockin' her new Luna headband . Sexy!

Let's start with the darn heat, shall we?

Hard to read, but that says 104.  Fantastic.
The heat is here for a while so I best get used to it.

Rita's Italian Ice helped ease the heat pain...well, until it gave me brain freeze! 
I'm gonna detour here a moment and go on a bit of a rant...that is not necessarily a whine.

This life is yours.  Live it to the fullest.  Make the most of it.  Try new things.  Discover new passions.  Meet new people.

And when you do all these things....change is inevitable.  But you know what???

Change is good.  Change is needed.  Changing is part of growing as a person.  Change can be scary.

Change immediately and flamboyantly.  I love that.  To me that means do it now, make it big and let everyone know about it!

However, as we change we often try to drag those people in our lives along with us.  Sometimes they want to go, and sometimes they don't.  This does not mean we should chose not to change.  It just means we have to accept that as we change our close relationships might change along with us.  Our friendships might change.  This is okay.

  • Embrace Change
  • Take the Journey Back to Yourself
  • Love with Abandon
  • Speak of your Gratitude
  • Wear Yellow Shoes
  • Unleash Your Creative Spirit
  • Dance in the Moonlight
  • Be Positive
  • Believe in Healing
  • Share Your Inner Light
  • Surprise Yourself and do Things You Thought You Couldn't Do
I love all of these!  Some I'm doing.  Some I need to make an effort to do.  Just yesterday Michelle at Crazy Running Legs did a post about Gratitude.  She suggested a gratitude journal that I am going to start putting at the end of my post each day.  I'm training for a marathon, that is definitely something I once thought I couldn't do!  I feel change happening in many of the relationships in my life.  I'm accepting this change.  I'm opening myself up to love with abandon.  To being positive, and perhaps a little less bitchy...**gasp**.

Alright now.....I'm off my soap box and back to Whine and Wine Wednesday.


I will definitely enjoy a glass of wine tonight with the hubby.  Today is his Friday!

I'm thinking this Malbec looks like a good option.
Oh yes....

These are some of the very special bottles of wine we have consumed in the past.  They are tagged with the reason for the celebration, date and names of those we enjoyed the wine with.  Do you see that empty basked in the middle?
This 1976 magnum used to be in that basket.  This week it fell to the floor, and somehow did not break.  Doug got this bottle for my birthday one year.
 Happy Whine and Wine Wednesday!

Today I'm grateful for a training partner that is reliable and dedicated.  It's not easy to find someone willing to get up at 4:15am every morning to workout.  Together we WILL finish the Chicago Marathon!

What's your whine and wine for the week? 

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Loving the gratitude stuff! At this very moment, I'm grateful for the hubs who randomly bought strawberries at the store so I could enjoy them with my lunch. (He might have bought them with the kids in mind, but I did birth them so... )

  2. Whine: Damn Asthma and vocal cord dysfunction ( don't ask). PMS and eating like it's my least week on Earth!

    Wine : I am new to wine consumption..I just had a great white Riesling in a very tall blue bottle this weekend. It was sweet and did the job.

  3. Great idea to tag the bottles!

    I have to buy wine this weekend for a company outing. "Get a nice cab. Honig is a good choice." Oh yay! I love buying good wine on someone else's dime.

  4. Whine: IDK. I'm actually in a good mood (surprise!).

    Wine: 2 buck chuck of course. Nothing but the best at the Taylor house!

  5. Oh, what's up with all this "change" and "gratitude" stuff? If there's good ole home town gossip, I want to know it. Will it be in the TB first Baptist bulletin on Sunday?

  6. You guys ARE going to finish Chicago -- I can't wait!

    Whine - No whines really, except missing my family! And the weather in Dallas is hot, but I am enjoying it much more than the hot weather in Orlando. There is no humidity here -- it's so nice!!

    Wine - We are going to Grand Lux Cafe for dinner tonight -- possibly getting some of their sangria!

  7. DuaneDoesntActuallyLikeTheSmackJune 16, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    Whine: I wasn't invited to go eat sushi at lunch on Wednesday(Doug is rumored to have gone).

    Wine: Heroin

    Also, I like Tierra Secreta Malbec. What's with Malbec's using the word 'Secreta' in their names?

  8. Get out of town .... 104??!?!?!?! Yikes! It is 75 here today and I was trying to find shade when I was on my afternoon walk.

    I'm grateful that after crashing a party at the country club last night I woke up without the teeniest bit of a hangover!