Monday, June 6, 2011

Motivational Monday

Marathon Training Week 5 - Day 1


Why do you insist on taking my picture every morning?

Shut up and smile.
We are still doing yoga by the pool.  Very peaceful....well until the planes start flying overhead.  We live right by the airport.

Randee either died from heat exhaustion or is doing corpse pose.  Look at those quads would ya!

This is my rendition of rounded touch your toes and look through your monkey arms.  I'm pretty sure that's the technical name.
Reminder to self:  Don't do yoga in compression tights.  It's hard to move.

I thought I would start a new segment called "Motivational Monday."  However, I did consider "Bitch Slap Monday" after reading Cely's blog here.  Now this ain't your typical motivation.  Don't expect any RAH, RAH REE, KICK EM' IN THE KNEE.  RAH, RAH RAS, KICK EM' IN THE OTHER KNEE.  Nope a cheerleader I'm not.  I think my lack of coordination and 1/4 inch vertical kept me from excelling in that area.

Anywho,  let's get motivated shall we?

Motivational Speech: 
Put the Cheetos down and get off your lazy butt and start exercising.  I don't care if you work full time.  I don't care if you have 15 kids.  I don't care if you have a needy husband.  I don't care if your knees hurt, your head hurts, your uterus hurts, your foot hurts.  No wonder it hurts.  You're out of shape.  Your only exercise is from the fridge to the pantry to find the next piece of processed junk to cram in your face.  So STOP!  Make exercise a priority.  You have time, you just have to find it!

Because this is your butt on Cheetos.

 This is your butt on exercise:

Which do you prefer?

That is all.


  1. I have bad (insert joint or appendage).

  2. Now that is just wrong!!! But thanks for the motivation - although I'm not sure if I'm more motivated to workout or to just simply stay far far away from that lady!
    Hoping to see you guys on Sunday!!

  3. Some would say, more cushion for the pushin! But yeah, soo not cute.

  4. @Off & Running - Are y'all doing the Wounded Warrior? We never registered. I wonder if we would get caught running as four bitchy bandits?

  5. Dang it - now I kinda want Cheetohs, but at the same time I totally don't!