Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Dog, a Cat and a Rat. What?

Marathon Training Week 4 - Day 6

Saturday called for eight miles.  We decided to run at River Legacy Park in Arlington. It is a very scenic paved trail run.  It's also very shaded, and with the record temps already this season, shade is good.

Nice tree lined paths.

There are multiple bridges, water fountains and benches.

You go under a main road.  I have seen homeless sleeping under the bridge, but thankfully not this time.
We chatted nonstop the first four miles.  Than stopped and stretched, had a few Sharkies and popped in the headphones and ran silent for the last four.

My first time trying the Sharkies...and I really liked them!
I felt great on this run.  I think we will do more running here.  I believe they have eight miles of trail, so this location will also work for our longer runs.

Talia did not enjoy herself, and declared she was burned out on running.  Hmmm...maybe her new Vibram Five Fingers will get her back in the groove.

Brittany was all distraught over Talia's sudden dislike of running.  I'm not sure if she is channeling Elvis in this picture or passing gas.

Randee was just a ray of bitchiness sunshine.
Am I the only one who enjoyed myself?  How can you not be happy when you have boob sweat?
We headed over to Starbucks when we were done.

My weekly trio of drinks after my run.  Venti Nonfat Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Milk and Ice Water.  I'm also loving the Kind Plus bars.
I've only tried the Cranberry Almond....and they are tasty!
I had a fantastic "me" afternoon on Saturday.  No good pictures to share, but I had a manicure and pedicure and got my hair did.

Doug took the kids to the park to play.

Apparently the monkey bars took the hide off both of their hands.
I arrived home to lots of tears.  After screams from hydrogen peroxide, they settled down after I bandaged them up.  Today they seem much better, and I think they might survive.

Saturday night we went out with a few friends.

We went to the Fort Worth Stockyards.
You could give this guy money because he had a dog, with a cat and a rat on it's back.  I have no words....

We were gonna have a drink at Billy Bob's, but didn't want to pay the $15 cover.
So we went to the Neon Moon...where we were the only people in the entire place. That's Brad, Doug's friend since grade school.  He appears to be having a better time than me.
Doug's friend John and his girlfriend Laura joined us.
Lame is how I would describe the night up until this point.  Not my thing.  So we headed back towards our "hood" and the hole in the wall bar known as the Yacht Club.  The Yacht Club is nowhere near water.  Many of the people there are missing a large number of their teeth.  It reeks of smoke.  The live band was so drunk they could hardly stand up.  However, it was better than the stockyards.

Chuck and Cher joined us.  Don't know what's in those cups, but they are both sucking it real hard.

Aren't we cute!

When the band took a break Cheri played "Teach Me How to Dougie"....Doug's theme song....than they entertained us doing the Dougie.
Self portrait master piece.
We ended the night with a glass of wine by the pool.  Overall a fun evening. 

The best part....I slept until 10:00am on Sunday.  Awesome!

Doug grilled up some more tasty steaks...
...and played my "sexy pool boy" in his awesome new hat.
I laid in the hammock and got my lazy on.

Here is my top half chillin' in the hammock.

Here's my bottom half chillin' in the hammock.
The middle is the scary part, so no need to show that.

Now I'm sitting by the pool writing this blog.  A storm is blowing in.  The sky is gorgeous and the temps are finally dropping.

There is also lightning happening in the distance.
I'm hoping for some rain tonight, but clear skys for morning yoga by the pool.

Marathon training week 5 starts tomorrow!


  1. chocolate milk is an awesome recovery drink!!

  2. The Yacht Club is a heppening place. Nutt'n but class.

  3. @Christa - I agree, chocolate milk is the bomb!

  4. My hands hurt looking at that photo.

    We have a bike path that goes under a bridge. I always haul ass when I get close because I figure someone is going to be sleeping there. So far only pigeons.