Friday, June 17, 2011


Apparently when you run an illegal race they take lots of pictures of you.  Photographic evidence.

I'm off to bed now.  I have to make sure I can wake up without my alarm tomorrow morning.  Look at this post Randee put on my husbands facebook page.

Dear Dougie, would you so ever kindly chuck your wife's phone outside so that she JUST so happens to sleep in tomorrow and miss the "run" tomorrow? I would greatly appreciate and have no problem returning the favor. Thanks Dougie!
Good Night!


  1. How did you find that guy picking his nose? That's awesome!

    Talia, I would be pissy too if someone interupted me getting my freak on and dragged me out to run 9 miles.

  2. Great photos! And the kid picking his nose... Priceless!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha - these pictures are hilarious!

  4. I can't believe they got so many of you. I ran a race in May and they didn't get one..including the finish line! WTF!

  5. @Alecia - just stumbled upon the nose picker, but I'm sure glad I did!

  6. @Samantha - I know...and for each pic I used there were at least two or three more.

  7. That's awesome!

    I got an e-mail today from ASI saying I could pre-order my photos from Seattle. Do I really want to fork over money for the pictures from a race that hasn't even happened yet? What if I'm not in any? What if I have 12 chins?

    I passed on that offer!