Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Dew Point and Buggy Eyes

Marathon Training Week 6 - Day 2

Today called for 4 miles at race pace.  We have been focusing on 10:00 pace.  There is really no way in hell we are going to run a marathon at a 10:00 pace.  Let's face it, we are good at bitchin', but not so good at running fast.  On our Tuesday runs we basically run what we feel, but 10:30 is a more accurate race pace goal.

Randee in her new red and blue shorts.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find red running attire?

Me as the Purple People Eater with my eyes buggin' out of my head.
Speaking of my head, it was not in the game today.  Randee was complaining about each and every body part of hers that was hurting.  We were an all around good time.  Our average pace was 10:40.  I'll take it.

I mean, anything that makes you look this fantastic when you're done has to be good for you.  Right?
I found the most interesting article in my July/August Running Magazine.

It talks about how it's the dew point that makes running suck in the summer, not the heat or humidity.

It had the following table to use as a guide.

Suck butt pictures, I know. So I typed up the data to make it easier to read.

This was our conditions today.  Actually, when I checked it right after we finished working out the dew point was at 64.9.
Now you have another number to look at when you think about running.  You need an advanced degree in mathematics to be a good runner.  Seriously, you have dew point, vo2max, pace, splits, intervals, distance, time....all numbers.

I'll leave you with some pop art inspired by Andy Warhol.  Don't hate us because we're beautiful.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

What are the running conditions in your neck of the woods this week?


  1. Red running attire is impossible to find! When it is an 'in' color again I'm buying up everything I see. Love red.

    I am headed to your neck of the woods on Friday for a week and dreading it a bit since I want to do three runs while I'm there (will blow off all other aspects of training)(And let me clarify, I'm not dreading being there for other reasons because yay -- friends but weather sucks). I'm currently in unseasonably cool NoCal -- and even when it is hot, I can run in the am in cool temps. So I plan on completely turning into a complaining, bitching, moaning mess. But damnit, I'm gonna do my three runs if it kills me (or causes those around me to want to shoot me).

  2. that chart is hysterical. if we went by that, all of us people down in SE Texas would never ever run a Fall marathon because no training runs would ever get done.

  3. Great pics! I am sure everyone appreciates that they are super duper flattering lol

  4. @Tricia - Yes, if you ever see red BUY IT! Texas weather will definitely make you bitchy! You'll do great and have a good time with friends. Enjoy your trip!

  5. @JunieB - The temps they speak of are the Dew Point Temps (not actual temps). I did not even know that the dew point was measured in degrees, but it is still hard to run in Texas and follow that chart!

  6. @Samantha - Yes, they love it when I use their super flattering pics!

  7. It's hot here, but not as hot as Texas. At least I have trees to hide me from the sun. You guys are just ants under a magnifying glass.

  8. @Aleica - during the week it's dark most of our run. However, as our weekend long runs get longer...we are seeing more sun! Oh yes, and Randee and I both experienced our first chaffing this past Sunday. Fun!

  9. This is my first post here. I live down in Corpus Christi. I usually just look at the humdity and not the dew point (which was 75 degrees). My run was no bueno this morning.

    I really like your blog. Your picture of Randee cracks me up mostly b/c I look like that too after a run.

  10. Body Glide, Body Glide, Body Glide! I can't believe this is your first chafing. Your ass and thighs must be a ton smaller than mine.

  11. I was reading that same article 2 nights ago! I never once have looked at the dew point, but you can guarantee I'll probably always check it now before I run. I mean if it will give me an excuse to whine then I'm totally embracing it!

  12. Ooooohhhhh.....I so echo Alecia-gotta get the GLIDE. Now that my chafing days are mostly a thing of the past, it's nice to have dewpoints to whine about instead.