Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whine & Wine Wednesday

Airport version...

Today I was flying from Dallas to Indianapolis with a connection in Charlotte, North Carolina. My original connection time was 37 minutes in the late afternoon.

I decided at the last minute last night to stand by for the 5:15am flight to Charlotte.

I got on & got to spend seven hours with my brother & his family.

Alaurie & Braden we're super excited to see their Aunt Angie.

We started with some Starbucks. I was in major need of coffee due to my 3:00am wake up call!

After visiting at my brother's house, we went to grab some grub.

Purty girls.

Why yes, that is bacon & sweet potato fries. Yummo!

Then I bribed the kids to like me with a dollar. I'm pretty sure it worked.

Alecia & I visited a running store. Sexy don't ya think?

A little self portrait magic.

Then my little brother threw me out at the curb.

Now they are calling boarding for my flight to Indy.

Drink some wine & whine for me. Don't let me down!

Gotta fly....

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  1. How fun!! Kinda a whirl-wind-trip, but the best kind :)

  2. That was super sweet of you to wake up before the sun to see your brother and his family.
    Hopefully there was a glass of wine on that connecting flight scrumptious enough for drinking :)

  3. Bribery is always good! And only a dollar ... that's a steal these days!