Sunday, July 24, 2011

Naked Leprechauns and Grilled Oysters

Marathon Training Week 11 - Day 7

Today we were to run 12 miles. Brittany and Jaryd met me at the house at 4:45am. We waited, and waited for Talia and Randee to arrive. They never did.

Randee was dreaming she was dancing naked with a leprechaun in a field of clovers.
Talia was passed out at some redneck bar. She was just happy to wake up with all her clothes on this time.
I took no pictures of our run. But I did get a screen capture of this...

90 degrees at 4:45am. Now that is just stupid.
We decided early on in the run to just knock out six miles and call it a day. It was hot. We were missing half our bitches. Motivation had flown out the window.

Brittany and Jaryd were nice enough to slow their pace so I could somewhat keep up. We ran the first three miles at a 10:30ish pace. I died on the return and was running high 11's. The heat for me really is a struggle. I'm super ready for cooler running!

Randee offered to meet me for coffee when we were done. I guess her leprechaun wet dreams had ended. I passed and decided to bathe and go back to bed. Good decision!

Now lets do a little rewind to Friday....

I went to my parents and spent the day visiting with mom, dad and my granny. It was a nice relaxing day. We went to dinner at a BYOB pizza place in town.

Me and my crater face ate almost that entire dang Mediterranean pizza. It was covered in feta cheese, so you know it was good....and gluten free!

Dad got to town on his pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza.

Audrie loves their gluten free pizza!

Trent will have spaghetti and meatballs over pizza any day of the week. I've failed as a mother, that kid has no eating manners!
Food and company were both great. We did an early celebration for my dad and Trent's birthdays.

On the way home we drove by our old house.

We lived in this rock house when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Mom and dad built most of the house by themselves. It's crazy how different it looks now.
Then early Saturday morning it got a little loud!

A crew of about 9,000,000 roofers were attacking our roof. Please don't notice our lopsided landscaping.

They started at 7:00am and by noon they were headed to the casa. The new roof looks great! Next is painting the outside and new gutters! Going from white to an almond color.
Doug thought he was 'D Money' as we drove home with the cash for the roofers. We turned up the bass, rolled down the windows, leaned our seats back and thumped all the way home.
Saturday afternoon Doug and I went to Farepointe for a wine tasting. It was nice to get out for a couple of hours of adult time.

Love this place. If you're ever in or around Southlake stop in. I'll meet you there. Umkay?
When we got back to the hood we went to Chuck and Cheri's for grilled oysters. I'd never had them. Pretty darn good. Oyster on the half shell with pepper jack cheese and a super hot jalapeno.
Baby Gavyn got scared when he saw all the crater lines on my forehead and chin. I quickly returned him to GiGi (Cheri) and went home to hydrate.
That brings us back to to Sunday. Now I'm sippin coffee and watching Doug and the kids fix Audrie's bike. Laundry is the order of business today. Next week brings the kids going to Fine Art Camp, me making an overnight trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, an adult night out on Friday night, 16 miles on Saturday and another wine tasting on Sunday. We're gonna end July on a high note.

Happy Lazy Sunday!
What would be your rapper name, or your stripper name if you prefer that profession?

What do you think Talia and Randee were dreaming about this morning that was more exciting than running 12 miles?


  1. Slim Meadows... or maybe that's my drag queen name.

  2. My Saturday run was terrible too!! It must've been the awful heat and humidity... I'm sorry yours sucked but kinda glad I wasn't the only one affected.