Monday, July 11, 2011

Makin' Out with Homer and Running Slow

Marathon Training Week 10 - Day 1

Today was a much needed yoga day.

Randee's knee has been locking up since yesterday's run.  New shoe shopping is taking place today!

My eyes were so puffy they would barely open.  More sleep needed!
Randee wanted to try the Kundalini Yoga again.

Just know this is some crazy crap.
I was giggling like a middle schooler just listening to the music.  The girl sits on a pink shag rug in the middle of a big flower.  She said all the pelvic thrusts we did were detoxing our livers.  Perfect.  Now I'm ready for more wine.

But my all time favorite line will always be....
Relax your rectum, sex organs and navel.
I offered my coochy a hammock and my ass a glass of wine.  They seemed relaxed.

And then I did the worst thing possible.  I crawled back into bed and went back to sleep.  When I woke back up at 9:30am I was looking even worse then at 4:30am!

Um yeah, not my best look.
I told you in yesterday's Too Hot to Handle 15K Race Review  I had more to say about pace and summer running. Oh, and I do!

I'm a slow runner.  Always have been.  Most likely always will be.  The fastest mile I have ever clocked was 7:45.  One time.  I died about 180 times.

My fastest 5K has been around 29 minutes.  I ran a 29:50 with my son in May.  I chatted with him the entire run.  I know I have more in me for this race.

My fastest 10K has been 1:00:25.  I know I can get those darn 25 seconds off my time and do under an hour!

My fastest 15K has been 1:43:17.  I can totally do better here.  This is the race I had a hurt hamstring and was lolly gagging around half the race.

My fastest half has been 2:16:05.  This was a really good race for me.  I know I could take time off.  I would love a 2:10:00.

Yesterday we ran a 15K.  My time was 1:46:16.  I had plans to run this race like a training run.  I wasn't out to PR.  But I was shocked to run it slower than I did back in January.  Mainly because I had been inured at that time and went so slow.  It was around 86 at the start of the race and the temps only went up from there.  The Too Cold to Hold in January had 40 degree weather.

We ran 11:00 to 11:30 pace most of the race.  Sometimes we got crazy and ran 10:55.  Lesley and I chatted most of the race.  The sun was up from the start.  I would love to see the start time of this race moved back to 6:30am.  By the end of the race the sun beating down on me was zapping what energy I had left.  I believe I stayed plenty hydrated.

When Javier met me with about one mile to go I picked it up to 9:15 to 9:30ish pace.  It felt good at first, but after about half a mile it was killing me.  At the very end I sprinted it in.  7:00ish pace I'm guessing....for about 40 feet.

When training for the Rock 'n' Roll Half I was all about my pace.  I wanted to be faster.  My times were improving.

Now that we are training for the Chicago marathon I am content to see 11's on the Garmin.  It's also hotter than hell outside 100% of the time.

I found this article, "Turning Up the Heat", on  It's really good.  It just reminded me that I'm having to give more effort to run in the heat than in the cool temps.

Oh, and I found this on Runner's World also.

The National Weather Service considers it dangerous to exercise when the heat and humidity meet (or exceed) the below combinations.

86° F 90%
88° F 80%
90° F 70%
92° F 60%
94° F 55%
96° F 45%
98° F 40%
(See for the complete chart.)

I read that race pace's are generally at least 10% slower in the heat.  Well 10% slower than slow is draggin' ass slow.  I guess I'm right on target. 

Mentally I need a good run.  I'm feeling sluggish.  We need to make sure we get our speed workout in every week.  We have missed the last few due to me traveling.  I need Javier to kick my butt more often.  I can do it. I just don't wanna!

Wow, I'm not sure I have ever done a post with so many words and so little pictures.  So not me!

I'll leave you with a comparison of how everyone did at the Too Hot to Handle compared to the Too Cold To Hold!  Exact same race...except for the 45 degree difference in temps!

Brittany - TCTH 1:29:13.00 / THTH 1:34:25
Talia - TCTH 1:29:15.00 / THTH 1:34:18
Randee - TCTH 1:41:30.00 / THTH 1:50:45
Angie - TCTH 1:43:17.00 / THTH 1:46:16

Too Cold To Hold.  We were still smiling after the race. Heck, I'm not even sure any of use were sweating.
Too Hot to Handle after the race.  Lots of sweating.  Lots of bitchin'.
Enough about pace.  This post needs a few more pictures so let me leave you with what I did yesterday after the race.

We drove the girl child to Gluten Free camp.  Her third year to go.  She loves to get there early so she can get a top bunk.

She told her daddy, "just leave and stop embarrassing me." 
I had about 10 minutes to shower and get in the car right after the race.  The drive is about 3 hours each way.  I did horrible refueling my body yesterday because of being on the run.  McDonald's french fries and a Dairy Queen blizzard apparently don't help you much in the energy department.

After six hours in the car I was happy to be back in Dallas.
Doug is wanting a new motorcycle.  The one he has now works perfectly fine.  We stopped by Strokers to stretch our legs and let him drool for a moment on the way home.

While I was there I made out with Homer.

Found myself a motorcycle I could actually hold up.

Found myself a hippy boyfriend.

Felt up Marilyn Monroe.

Oh yes, and posed with "THE" bike and the boy.
"THE" bike would be the one my hubby is wanting to buy.  Looks cool until you look at the price tag. 

Alright, I'm off to find something productive to do!

Happy Monday!

Tell me your thoughts on pace and running in the heat.  Please!


  1. Running in this heat is terribly hard. I'm hoping that if I stay even close to my good pace during the hot times it'll be rewarded during the cooler months. And I hope that's not a pipe dream.

    P.S. I hate that you got to go back to bed... I mean good for you and all but damn it, I want more sleep too!

  2. My running can be a minute slower per mile in the heat. I don't know why I picked to marathon train in the summer. Looking back, that wasn't my best decision. I could have started in Nov for a race in Feb or March. THAT would have been smarter.

  3. Yep. It's hot as hell. I'm really going to try doing two a days. Get in a short speed workout in the morning and then something a little longer after the sun goes down.

  4. The humidity with that heat is what kills me. When I was there (in TX) a few weeks back I attempted 2 measly 4 mile runs in the morning where temps were maybe upper 70's but 90bazillion % humidity. I was terrible -- over a minute off my times with huge effort. I can run here in (in CA) in 85*'s and still make my times (though I am hot). I feel for all you TX and midwest runners out there -- I don't know if I'd manage running in summers if I had to do it in the heat/humidity all the time.

  5. I bet you'll be surprised in the fall what running through the heat plus the added marathon mileage will do for your speed. Last year at THTH, I ran 1:53, and that was trying really hard. This year, not really trying, I got 1:44. I had plenty left in me at the end. In the cold weather at Too Cold, I got 1:33... was definitely trying hard, but had a bad tummy day. I think a minute per mile or more off the pace is pretty normal. .. Had a great time chatting with you for 8 miles yesterday.

  6. I LOVE your blog! Been stalking you for a couple months ;-). I wish you girls lived closer to run with. I'm in McKinney and just started running in May 2010 and have completed 2 half marathons (Dallas Rock N Roll and Heels & Hills Half). Currently training for Dallas White Rock Full Marathon in December. Look forward to your posts. Always make me laugh and you share some great tips. Thanks! Laura

  7. Thanks for all the comments ladies. I think surviving the summer is just gonna have to become a mental game.