Friday, July 22, 2011

Tweet, Tweet

Marathon Training Week 11 - Day 5

Today was yet another Jillian Michael's beatin' day.

I threatened Jillian with a knuckle sandwich if she made me hurt too bad this morning.

Randee kept yawning and falling asleep. My guess is she stayed up all night reading the dictionary so she could finally win a game of Words with Friends.

We got our yoga meltdown on. It is actually not too bad when we don't do it back to back with 'No More Trouble Zones.' I think it's time we move up to Level 2 next week!

Tomorrow is our rest day, and then on Sunday we will run 12 miles. I'm hoping for a better run this week.

Well, apparently I'm gonna be a super fit freak.

This article in Red Book says taking your fitness online will make you look like a super model. Or something like that.


Facebook...well I link to my check.

Best I can tell I will look as malnourished as this model any day now thanks to my online peeps.

Yesterday I went on a bit of a clean out / organization rampage. This morning I almost cried over the fact I didn't take any pictures. Just imagine 20+ pages of trash. Every room in the house involved. It was a mess. It took forever. But now it's done, and I've threatened the kids with beatin's if they mess anything up. No you can't play. No you can't have fun. Just sit there and don't touch anything!

Oh yes, I had a brilliant idea!

You know how this blog says the Bitchy in in more than one? Has anyone but me noticed that only one of us posts on this dang blog?

Since Randee never blogs, I thought she could get her own Twitter account. She could tweet her bitchiness for all to share!

Wouldn't that be great? Yeah, I agree. Randee I will set it up for you and teach you how to log in. All you have to do is limit your bitchin' to 140 characters or less per tweet. Umkay?

I'm off to spend the day with my mom and dad.

Hopefully they will at least get out of their recliners and buy me dinner! :)

Gotta Get Down on Friday, Friday!

Leave a comment for Randee if you think she should start tweeting!


  1. Yes, Randee should start tweeting. And when you get to your parents house, you should all load up and head out to Charlotte. We haven't had our annual family camping trip and I'm enraged. Enraged!

  2. That model clearly needs to lose some weight. I mean I think I saw one bit of fleshy flesh there by her thumb where it is rest on the ground. .... Finally, someone that looks skinnier than I want to be! I won't dare tell you how obese my thumb region is!