Saturday, July 9, 2011

90 Days - No Return Policy

Last night I had a few ladies over for a Girl's Night Out.

My sad attempt at jewelry modeling.  Apparently the right earring was a bit heavy and weighed down my head. 
Mandy looks like she has done this before.

Julie was doing a little jig to show off her necklace.

Randee thought she was at work and started undressing and looking for the pole on the main stage. After we got her clothes back on she continued to wow the crowd with her strutting skills.

Corrine showing off her necklace choice.
That was all the pictures I took all night.  Very weird.

This picture is totally jacked from facebook, but Brittany and her friend Terri were there.
Cheri was there, but never did teach us how to Dougie.  Dang it!

The is from one of last year's pool parties, but Bea was here again lookin' just as cute.

Yeah, another Facebook jacking....Lisa showed up also.
Roll call complete.  We played with jewelry and then hung by the pool until 2:00am.  Fun, relaxing evening.

Today the hilarious Cely did a blog that I  loved!  So, now I am jacking her idea.  I'm Miss Originality today!

Three Months.

What does that mean to you?  90 days? 2,160 hours?  129,600 minutes?  7,776,000 seconds?  Walmart return policy?

October 9, 2011....that is exactly three months from today.

How many of you know what you will be doing on that day?

Visiting the pumpkin patch?
Having a Columbus Day Eve party?

Watching the leaves change?
Still dealing with summer heat if you're in Texas?

I know exactly what I'm gonna be doing.

Back flipping crawling over the finish line at the Chicago Marathon.
300 more miles of training....leading up to 26.2 miles.

Look at us go!  I'm pretty sure I trip Brittany to take the lead.

See, I stripped down to my undies and took the gold!
And in 91 days....

We're all gonna need one of these.
I can't wait...for it to be over!  If I wasn't running I would totally make these signs for my marathon peeps.

Love you Randee!

Love you Aleica!

Love you Brittany!

Love you Talia!

Love you Doug!
Happy Hydration Saturday! 
(For me anyway. 15K in the morning. You go ahead and dehydrate all you want!)


  1. Ha! I liked Cely's post too. And damn straight I'm gonna make that race my bitch!

  2. Eek how exciting!! Only 90 days - that's crazy. Please post those for me/Paula about a month later when we are trying not to die!

    14 miles in the morning for me -- have fun with your 15k!

  3. LOL I'm FOR SURE screen printing that first ecard onto the back of a race shirt. Too freaking funny.