Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Last Supper

Let's do a super quick long recap of the weekend.

Marathon Training Week 10 - Day 5

On Friday we did Jillian's Yoga Meltdown.  It was better than last week, but still hard.  I didn't take any pictures.  Bummer.

Friday afternoon I made the six hour round trip drive to pick up Audrie from camp.  She loved it and talked nonstop most of the way home.

Friday night Randee and I took the kids to see their dad's play ice hockey.  They have a bar at the rink.  The guy behind the bar was apparently trying to get us drunk.  Randee's eyes were watering and she nearly choked to death after one sip of her drink.

My Bloody Mary was drinkable, but strong.
Saturday morning Randee tried out my hairdresser.  I happened to have an appointment right after hers, so I went early to visit.
Because we hated to waste a good hair day, we made the hubbies take us out to dinner.
Chad and Randee...and some random old man.
Chad was shoveling his food so fast his hand is just a blur.

Randee was getting her grub on....preparing for Sunday's long run!
Chuck and Cheri...and some random man having a tea party for one.
This bread is GOOOOOOD!

Open Wide!
Doug and Me...and one of our BYOB wines for the evening.
Apparently eating makes Doug an angry bird.
Nam...Nam...Nam...Lamb Good!
Cheers to good friends....good food...and good wine (and beer)!
On they way out we tried our pole dancing skills on the handicap sign.  It was quite impressive.
For the first time we left Audrie and Trent watching Randee's little ones.  It worked out great! They made duct tape art and played school.
Chad is a domesticated metrosexual.  He never leaves home without his purse and mop bucket.
By this point Chad was about to smack Randee in her puckered lips.
Instead he kicked her out of the car and made her chase him wearing her stripper heels.
Saturday morning was time for Marathon Training Week 10 - Day 6.
14 miles was on the schedule.  We ran from my house to WalMart.  Classy don't you think?
Talia and Randee had to go poop, so they took advantage of the restrooms.  Surprisingly, I refrained from taking a picture of the potty protector stuck to Randee's sweaty butt!

Brittany and I entertained ourselves with self portraits while waiting on the stinky kids.
The sun was just starting to come up as we hit mile 6 and headed home from WalMart.
It was 83 at that number went up along with the sun.
We did take a nice long trail on the way back instead of the road for about three miles.

The bridge over Highway 360 leads to some nice views.  Dallas to the East, Six Flags & Cowboy's Stadium to the South and Fort Worth to the West.
Back at WalMart I had already died 187 times.
By the time we finished I was pretty sure that Saturday night's dinner was gonna be my last supper.
Somehow I survived.  I was about .03 of a mile away from Randee having to sling me over her shoulder and drag me home.  It really was a horrible run for me.  My legs cramped most of the run. 
I came straight home & rolled and iced.  I also made a weekly eating plan and shopping list.  Good nutrition starts NOW.  On my way to Tom Thumb I realized I was insanely hungry.  I grabbed this sushi plate and inhaled it and all it's goodness.  I then proceeded to buy half the store...the healthy half of course.
You can wake up now.  I'm done.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I have to do my 14 on tuesday. I am NOT doing it in Texas (twss). Also, I've been drinking since I got here, so no running.

  2. Nice job getting in your long run! I woke up at 7 for my long run today--um, no. I left at 8 this morning, made it 7 miles, and then dragged my sorry overheated butt home. I need the discipline to be up at 4:30 for my runs!

  3. 83 at 4:30?! I suppose I should quit my bitching about the heat - that's hotter than Austin at that time of morning!

  4. Hey, what's the brand of the hydration belt that you got and liked?

  5. I am currently wearing the Amphipod Hydration belt. It's good, but you have to wear it high on your waist.

    On Saturday I actually took my bottles of of my Amphipod and put them on my Spibelt. I liked that I could wear it lower on my hips, but with four full bottles it did bounce a lot. With only two bottles it worked great.

    I am hoping to try the iFitness Belt soon! But I have heard that most hydration belts have to be worn on the waist, versus the hips, because that area moves less when running.

  6. Well keep us posted on which belt ends up to be best. I am looking in to getting one but one that fits up your waist sounds uncomfortable! I appreciate the input!