Sunday, July 10, 2011

Too Hot to Handle 15K Race Review

Today was the Too Hot to Handle 15K.  It was hot.  Randee was bitchy.  Neither of these things should surprise you.

What was surprising is this....

Those would be Randee, Brittany and my race packets.  Sitting in Talia's floor.  At Talia's house.  At 7:00am, thirty minutes before race time.
Randee, Brittany and I met at my house, stopped by Starbucks and made our way to Dallas.  We were to meet Talia at the race to grab our bibs and timing chips and get our run on.  It all worked out perfectly...until Talia opened her trunk to remember she forgot our race packets.

She was stressing out a bit.  I mean a girl can only worry about so much before a race starts.  Make up - check.  Jewelry - check.  Boyfriend - check.  Talia's race bib - check.  Bitches race bibs - DOH!
All was well, they gave us new bibs and time chips and we were good to the port-a-potty line.

It was great to have Luis join us as our personal photographer.  That's my spi belt under my shirt by the way, and not another role in my muffin top.

Lots of potties...the lines were long, but moved fast.  Talia's going in.  It was moments before race time.  Hundreds of racers had already had their pre-race poop.  Don't BREATHE! 

Lesley from Racing It Off found us in the port-a-potty line. Now look how lovely we lined up in height order.

Little Brittany was super giddy about her 'ace in the hole'!
They blew the race start horn right as we all finished doing our business.

And we're off!
There was about 2000 people running.  Half were doing the 15K and the other half were doing a 5K.  The start was crowded, but the 5K split off rather quickly.

Brittany and Talia took off.  Lesley joined Talia and me at our turtle pace. More on this later! It was in the mid 80's at the start of the race. They did a great job having lots of water and Gatorade every 1 1/2 to 2 miles.  I ran without my hydration belt and this was never a problem.

Randee and I pretending like we like to run and like each other.  Both lies!
Let me detour and gripe about pace!  The heat has been killing us, and our pace is definitely suffering.  I actually ran about three minutes slower today then I did back in January when we ran the same course.  In January I had a hamstring issue and took the entire race slow and easy.  Lots of pictures.  Little sweat.  Today I knew I was running slow, but I was giving a descent effort.  Chatty, but winded.  Sweaty.  Expect a pace post tomorrow.  I got a lot more to say about this!

This is an out and back course.  When we passed Brittany and Talia, Brittany was in the lead.  Around mile five we took a Gu.  We walked every water stop and took hydration.

Randee put her music on and gave me the "leave me the *beep* alone" look around mile 5.5.  Lesley and I chugged on.  It was great to chat with her.  That girl logs lots of miles and I'm not sure she even broke a sweat today running my slow pace!  I was feeling pretty good until about mile 7.  Then the heat was really about to kick my butt.

This sign was a much needed distraction.  It was so nice of these strangers to come out and make this sign just for me.  They even offered me a beer.  I declined and carried on.
Around mile 7 I told Lesley to go on.  I was losing my focus.  It was hot.  I wanted to be done.

I saw Javier at the start of the race.  I still liked him at that point.
Around mile 8 he came and found me on the run.  He started running with me.  I some how started pulling a 9ish pace out of my butt.  It felt okay for about half a mile.  Not so much after that.  I kept up the best I could.  He coached me in with motivation like, "you run like a girl."  As we approached the finish he encouraged me to sprint.  I waited a little longer than he would have liked, but I did give it all I had the last few feet.  Thanks Javier.  You saved me at least a couple of minutes on my total time.  I take back all those horrible things I said about you earlier!

At the finish line they had ice cold towels.  Genius! 

Randee ran in just after me.

Apparently this happened a few minutes earlier....

That's Brittany in the back...Talia came flying by here.  Pony tail swingin'.  That girl had to look good for her boy.
Prissy, Prissy!
We didn't get to enjoy all the fun, but it looked like they had a lot going on after the race.  Beer!  Pizza!  Popsicles!  Massages!

A very well ran race.  Pretty inexpensive at $30.  It is hot, but that is to be expected during July in Texas.  Hence the name of the race!
Randee is swearing she is never running again.  Brittany is about to punch Talia for beating her.  Talia's calves are sore from all the prissin'.  I'm looking for Javier so I can kick his butt for making me push myself!
No Pain, No Gain!  Another Bitchy Runners race in the books!
We hightailed it to the car.  I had 30 minutes from finishing the race to get home and get in the car for a six hour, round trip car ride.  Now don't that sound exciting!

We chose the middle of the parking lot to fall down and do a quick stretch.  We are all about causing a scene.

I had to jack this picture of the bling from Lesley.  Remember my packet is still sitting in Talia's floor!
Over all hard, but good race.

I drove like a Nascar driver all the way home.  By 10:30am we were in the car and on our way to summer camp!

I even bathed!  I'm pretty sure the earrings helped to distract from my sweaty race hair.  A girl can only do so much in 10 minutes!


  1. I like the bling. I want a hat.

  2. I walked by yall doing the stretches in the parking lot! I even said to my husband, "i hope the cement isn't too hard on her back!" haha

  3. You are totally right... Lesley can run forever and not sweat. She got me through my first half. I was dying. I lost 33 pounds of sweat and could barely see because my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. She was totally fine! Love her!

    Congratulations ladies!