Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

Makeup Workout Yesterday:  Ran 3.2 with Doug at 8pm.  I never run at night.  It was different, but nice.

Today's Workout:  Yogilates

This is the DVD we did.
It is pretty good.  Lots of great stretching!

We got to giggling when we were in this pose.  We kept expecting Doug to walk out of the bedroom at any moment and get all excited to find the two of us in this position.  Looks strange, but feels good.

We have now done level 1 and level 2.  I also have level 3 we will try in a few weeks.

Since my muffin top seems to be here to stay, I decided to start writing down everything I put in my mouth this week.  It really does help me knowing if I eat I will have to take the time to log the info.

I bought this application for iphone.  It was $2.99.
So far I have been very impressed with this application.  The database of food is quite impressive.  I have even been able to find my weird gluten free food.

The picture above is a sample of what the screen looks like.  You put in your weight, the daily calories you want to eat, etc.  Then it is super easy and fast to enter your food.

If you are looking for calorie counting only this is a perfect product.  However, I would really like to also be able to count my protein, carbs, etc.  My other gripe.  They have an online application that does keep track of more nutritional information.  But I can't find a way to upload the phone information to the online application.  This could be user error.  I'll have to do a bit more research.

Anyway, for now the application is working well and will hopefully help me send my muffin top AWAY!

The Rock 'n' Roll Dallas half marathon is in two weeks.
I'm excited for my first Rock 'n' Roll race.  I've heard great things about them!  This will also be Doug's first half marathon.  It also happens to be my daughter's 9th birthday.  It's going to be a BIG day!

I ordered me some CEP Compression Socks....in this green color....to wear in the race.
I'm hoping they arrive this week so I can give them a try in my long run this weekend.  I'll have to see how dorky I look!

Visit the Racing It Off blog here for a chance to win a Running Chics t-shirt.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

What is your favorite stretch for sore running muscles?
Mine is pigeon pose.

Do you wear compression gear?
I have compression tights that I love.  I'm excited to try out the socks!


  1. I've never tried compression gear, but I been very interested in compression socks. Can't wait to hear how they work out.

  2. I was looking at those same CEP socks last night...I found a place around the branch that carries them, I was thinking about going today. If I get them, we will both be sporting them this weekend! haha

  3. @Talia - what color are you getting? If I like them I also want a pair of the hot pink!

  4. So weird you commented on my blog today, because I've been meaning to check yours out since my friend Michelle (crazy running legs) posted that she loves you guys!

    I have a confession. I have never stretched. Or iced. Ugh. I really should do that but I never have much soreness after a long run.

    I've been wanting compression socks for awhile now too, but mostly because I think they are cute as hell and not for any circulation benefit.

    Good luck in Dallas! I'm running my first RnR in Nov and can't wait!

  5. For stretching, P90X yoga rocks! I hate it when I'm doing it, but feel so good after. Good luck in Dallas! Is this your first half? I did a Rock and Roll last month in New Orleans and really enjoyed it.

  6. @Amy - Yes, the P90X yoga is very good. This will be my third half, but my first RnR race. We have three half's on the schedule this year and our first full!

  7. @Paula - Can't believe you don't have to stretch or ice! I would not be able to move. Perhaps that's because I'm old!

  8. I didn't get to go today--but tomorrow for sure. I was thinking the white or black...hot pink it cute, but maybe to clorfull fo me...since I'm emo and all. Ha!

  9. @Emo Talia - well your sexy running legs will look great in anything. I'm thinking the black ones would go with more. I got the green because they go with the outfit I want to wear at the half. I'm sure the lime green will be lovely with my pasty skin. Now lets just hope the weather is good!

  10. I am a mega-CEP fan. Love them. I wore my green ones at White Rock Marathon and just recently at the Dash Down Greenville!!! The green ones rock. Enjoy and I'll be on the lookout for them at RnR, I *think* I plan to rock my pink ones that day.

  11. PS I use sparkpeople. The app is free and it does upload to the online site which does track protein/carbs/fat.

  12. @Leslie - yes I remember your post about the green ones and how it helped you stand out in the crowd. That was half my motivation! I have done Sparkpeople online before. Maybe I'll have to check out the iphone app.