Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunny Saturday

We got our 7 mile run in this morning.  We met at 5:45am and it was already near 70 degrees!

I went with this outfit today less the calf sleeves.  And I did have on shoes.  I have not bought into the whole barefoot running thing just yet.  Really liked the Mizuno running skirt!
Brittany pretending like she is stretching.  Talia was not there today so she had to run slow with us old ladies.  I'm pretty sure she did not enjoy it.

Randee and her normal peppy, happy self.  However, seven miles and coffee improved her mood.
I must commend Randee on her downtown Fort Worth navigation.  She led us on a loop around town and we ended up in front of our favorite Starbucks with 6.90 showing on the Garmin.  We finished out our 7 miles and then walked back and stretched.

Our splits:

Mile 1: 11:03
Mile 2: 10:56
Mile 3: 10:36
Mile 4: 10:55
Mile 5:10:53
Mile 6:10:48
Mile 7: 10:18

Our training plan says we should pace our long runs around 11:19.  We were a tad ahead of that.  It also says we should be able to run our half marathon next weekend at a 9:55 pace.  Hmmmm, we shall see.  I'm hopeful, but not convinced. 

We got our coffee to go because we all had a busy day ahead.

Randee was going to her son's soccer game.

Brittany....I don't know what she had to do.

And I am heading to my parents for a family gathering.  It'll be fun to see everyone!

My legs are sore today so I'm sporting my compression shorts and calf sleeves while I write this blog post.  They really do feel good on the tired muscles! 

Happy Saturday!

What's on your Saturday agenda?


  1. LOL to Doug's comment.

    I like the purple toes!

    Today is all about chores, chores, chores! The hubs just cleaned a snake out of our pool filter. That's fun.

  2. I accidentally read Duane's comment.

  3. 16 miles was on my agenda this AM. I have the compression on and I'm resting right now. Good luck next weekend! I will be running Dallas too and hope to set a PR. We'll see...

  4. @Amy - I can't imagine 16 miles! Is that part of your half marathon training? We begin our marathon plan soon and the miles will start adding up. Not sure I'm ready! Good luck next week!

  5. @Paula - What kind of snake was in the pool filter? My husband is draining our pool at the moment and flooding the neighborhood.