Sunday, March 20, 2011

Front Porch Sittin'

Just got back from a fun night at my parent's house.  My brother and his family are in the process (yes, it's a process) of moving back from North Carolina.

My parents live out in the sticks.

We started with a little fishing.  The men and kids.  Not me.  I don't really do worms, or fish or yucky pond water.

Trent and Brad and their BIG fish.

Alaurie was convinced you had to sing the Barney fishing song to catch a fish.  It seemed to work.

Is Papa teaching Braden to fish or is Braden showing Papa how it's done?

Audrie caught a fish but refused to touch it.  That's my girl!

Mom and I did some yoga and stretching on the patio.

My brother was supposed to take a picture of mom and me.  Being the great photographer that he is, he cut mom's head off.
Then last night my brother and dad cooked up some tasty fajitas.  I would have taken pictures but I wasn't fast enough.  We had about 25 family and friends over and the weather was perfect.

When the family gets together I have to put my name on my wine so they won't drink it all.  Please ignore the purple teeth.

My iPhone crappy picture does not do it justice, but the moon was amazing in the clear country sky
 Highlights of the evening include wild horses running in the yard, my 3 year old niece announcing to the crowd I had big boobs like her mom (if she only knew it was all padding in the bra!) and my grandma talking about her new iPhone and Lady Gaga.

This morning we enjoyed more porch time sippin' coffee and watching my dad cook breakfast.

I love their outdoor kitchen.  It was all the grease you could stand.  Bacon.  Fried Eggs.  Hash Browns.  Biscuits and Gravy.  I might never eat again.

Alecia and I were working hard.  Talking about blogs, not helping do anything.  Check out Alecia's blog Tin Can Treader here.
I finally pried my butt off the porch and drove home this afternoon.

Unbelievably, the grease wore off and we were starving.  We ran to lunch at Jimmy Johns.  Not many gluten free options, but I must say their lettuce wraps were excellent!  Went in with little expectations and left a happy customer.  And I'm not easy to please.

Yeah, Audrie and I neither one have brushed our hair today.  We were much too lazy on the porch for that.
Check back tomorrow for "Oh My! Monday "  where I'll share with you my favorite blog posts (from different blog's I follow) from the past week.  I got the idea from Michelle at Crazy Running Legs.

Happy Sunday!


  1. So did I! Your parents internet just got fixed. Of course I am first one to get to use it. And you did to touch a fish. I'll be posting pics of it... someday. For now, I'll get out my quill and scrolls and continue my blog from there.

  2. LOL at your husband's reply.

    Angie - I'm having a pre-RnR blogger get-together this Friday night. Please e-mail me if you're interested... racingitoff at gmail dot com