Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Thrills Thursday

Make Up Workout #1 From Yesterday:  2 miles at 9:50 pace alone in the afternoon.  Extremely windy and humid!  I was sweating like a hooker in church.  Talia would have been appalled.

Make Up Workout #2 From Yesterday:  4.5 miles at 11:30ish pace with Doug in the evening.  I'm not a huge fan of night running.  I would rather be drinking wine.  Anyway, trying to help him gear up for his first half marathon in 10 days!  It was still humid, but a bit less windy.

Today's Workout:  2 miles at 9:30ish pace.  Still crazy humid here in Texas.  So we decided to mix it up and do some sprints.  We did 4 sets of sprints, with our fastest time being at a 5:04 pace.  Pretty darn good we thought.  I have no idea of the distance of the sprints.  We were going light pole to light pole.  Then we did about a 3/4 mile cool down walk.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patty's 5K last year

Now, moving on to the thrills!

1.  I grew up in a family of four.  We are a very close, fun, insane family.

My daddy.

My little brother.

My dad and me.

I had to look real hard to find a funny picture of mom.  Here she is with her brother and niece dancing the night away at her 50th birthday party.  Get down momma!

2.  Doug and I now have our own little insane family of four.

Trent proclaims himself the ultimate nerd.

Doug and I dressed up for a Steam Punk theme party.

This picture is way old, but I love it!
The family at Magic Time Machine.

 3.  I love a night out with the girls.

Not sure why I feel the need to throw my leg in the air after a few glasses of wine.

Why is Randee thrusting her chest in Cheri's face?

Fun wine bar on the sidewalk in Fort Worth.
That's all the thrills I have for today.  I'll leave you with this...

I need this flat stomach back before summer.  However, Doug would like me to keep my boobs this time.  Got any suggestions? 
What's your ab workout of choice? 


  1. The yoga ball is my fave for abs. It is deflated and ready to hauled to Texas.

  2. Did you say 11:30ish? You are generous by about a minute and 20 seconds, unless I am not reading my Garmin right which is likely.
    Yes, why could it not have been my face instead of Cheri's? Wwwhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!

  3. Hey there--the black running skirt I'm wearing on my blog today is from North Face. My other favorite is the Gym Girl Ultra from Skirt Sports. Best of luck in your half next week!

  4. Oh, and I think AbRipperX from P90X is super effective.