Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebrities Trying to Be as Cool as Me

It's Friday.  I have next week off.  Awesomeness!

Today we let Jillian Micheals kick our butt again.  We never say a word during the workout.  This tells you something is wrong.  We are breathing too darn hard to get a word out.

You really should try it, so you can complain like I do.
I wonder how long it takes for those trouble zones to go away?  I've done the video at least four times and I have not reached the "No more trouble zones" status.  Oh well, maybe the 5th time will do the trick.

Let's play the look alike game.

There are three people that I get told I look like.  Can you guess who?

No, not Jay Leno.  Even though I do have a very similar chin.

Admit it.  Our chins look just alike!
I get Sarah Palin a lot.

Especially if I wear my hair up.  Not a huge Palin fan, but she is a runner.

I also get Tina Fey.  I really don't see this one.

I look like I have a skin disease here.  Sunburn maybe?
The person I think I look the most like is....

Rene Russo.  Even though she is like 20 years old then me & has way better hair.

Don't mind the blood shoot eyes and the bar in the background.  I'm sure I was drinking water only.

Who do you think I look the most like?  What celebrity do you look like?


  1. Wow. Rene Russo for sure! I don't think I have a doppleganger unless you count louise brooks when my hair is bobbed with bangs.

  2. I can definitely see the Sarah Palin thing -- especially with your hair like that. I can see Renee Russo too, you guys have the same face shape. I do love her hair.

    I've only been I look like Jennifer Carpenter:

  3. I think you are very pretty and stuff.

  4. girl you do look like Sarah Palin and Renee Russo...but Renee more. My SIL told me one time I look like Tina Fey when I wear my glasses...don't really see that at all. Besides that, I don't think I've ever been told I look like a celebrity.

  5. Yes Doug--I concur! She is very pretty and stuff! :)

  6. new to your blog...i love it! i see alot of rene russo in you. but, i bet you are more fun to hang around with.

  7. I see the Rene in you for sure. I get told I look like Christina Ricci, which I dont consider a compliment considering she has a big-ass forehead!