Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hydrating with Cape Cods

Saturday's Workout:  7 miles at the Trinity River. The first 2 mile were horrible and pathetic.  So we stopped, stretched and regrouped.  The last 5 miles were much better.

Saturday morning the usual running gang met up for our long run.

Randee running.  Look how lovely my body shape looks in my shadow.  Is my butt really that large?

It was a beautiful day in Texas.

Yeah, the look on my face is kinda how I felt the entire run.
Talia and Brittany were there also, but their little speedy butts were way out of photo range.

Stretching in the park after the run.
This is the sexy lunge with puckered lips pose.  Your yoga instructor hasn't taught you this?  Weird.
Little Brittany.  Remember, she doesn't stretch.  She just watches us and rolls her eyes.
Of course we had to end with coffee at our favorite Starbucks.

News Alert:  All of our coffees were good today!  Amazing!

I have a zit the size of Africa on my chin.  This was my cleaver way to disguise it.
Saturday night was Doug's birthday gathering.

We went to LaGrange in Deep Ellum to hear a friend's band.
Some friends showed up to surprise Doug and join the fun...and drinkin'.

Randee was there.  And the brisket tacos and chicken nachos were delish!
Jim and Corinne were there.
Chad and his new truck were there.
Becky and "The Dude" were there.
Cheryl and Paul were there.

Danielle was there.
Tom and Martha were also there, but no pictures of them together.  Sad face.

Robby White and the Tejas Gingos rocked it as usual.

At some point we decided to take pictures of everyone with the birthday boy.  It started out with the ladies....
Then Randee started something...

There is Martha.
What's up with the tongue.  That thing is not normal.
Then the men decided they wanted to be part of the fun.

Jim looks pretty relaxed in Doug's arms.
Hold on Jeff.
One nice civilized picture of the group.
Not sure what I am doing to Randee here.
Doing the gluten free thing I can't drink beer.  Hole in the wall bars don't usually have the best wine selection.

So we drank Cape Cods.  Pretty tasty.

Fun night.  Stayed up way past my 8:30pm bed time.  Now with the daylight savings time I will be really off schedule and cranky today!  The usual.

Have a great day!

Are you ever too old to take goofy pictures in a bar?  What is your adult beverage of choice?

Okay, okay, since this is supposed to be a running blog.  What was your weekend workout?


  1. u failed to mention that talia and i were worried sick about yall!!!! but good fun run!

  2. Sorry we missed it...I made your 8:30 bedtime.
    Randee I love your new hairdo...

  3. Thanks for the surprise friends and thanks for a fun birthday party. I had a blast but my head hurts a little today for some reason.

  4. Whoa! Is that guys name really Jeff? He is totally the Dude!!! Does he have a rug?