Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Mercy me.  So much to catch up on.  Let's just get right to it.


Nothing to whine about really.  Except for our continued lack of motivation.  And the fact that the top of my mouth is raw.  Not sure what that's about, but it hurts.  Oh yes, and sick kids.  That's about all I've got. 

I had a fantastic, fun filled weekend.  Saturday on my birthday I played motorcycle mama and had a good time.

We started the celebration with Bloody Marys at the lake!
Doug needed something a little more a strawberry daiquiri.
After moving outside the most attractive picture ever was taken of me.  I can't decide.  Am I sneezing?  Talking?  Thinking of strangling someone?  Passing gas?
Then we vamoosed over to Farpointe Cellars for lunch and a wine tasting.

We shared this huge platter of tasty goodness for lunch.  Cheese, hummus, two types of sausage, crackers, bread, olives....OMG GOOD!  The wine wasn't bad either!
Then it was home for a quick nap before Audrie's soccer game and a family dinner of gluten free pizza!

Oh yes...
....and I got this kick butt shirt from Audrie and Alessandra!
Sunday brought the Heels, Hills and Him Half Marathon.

The crew was not our typical obnoxious selves.  Talia was sick.  Randee was uber bitch.  Brittany was focused on a PR.  I was just determined to not have a personal worst.
Talia and Brittany were looking super cute in their black, white and pink.
Randee was totally jealous of my lime green compression socks.
Randee and I were doing pretty great at the half way point.  We had not killed each other.  We were both still smiling, and running and hardly even bitchin'.
Around mile "my feet hurt and I'm ready to be done" we passed this sign.  Then we both agreed we had to turn around and take a picture.  Webster's Dictionary has already hit me up.  They are looking for a good definition of "oxymoron."  I'm holding out for Urban Dictionary and the term "bull shit."
Around mile 10 we found Talia suffering.  She was sick and not feeling well.  In my quest to NOT have a personal worst I pushed on and left Randee and Talia behind.

I was able to finish strong and not have a personal worst.  Goal achieved.
I was bib #34.  They had my age wrong, and still had me showing as 34 years old, even though I had been 35 for a good 24 hours.  I placed 34th in my wrong age group.  My gun time was 2:34 (thankfully my chip time was a couple of minutes off of that).  Very strange how many times that number popped up!    By no means a PR.  However, I wanted it to be an easy training run before Chicago.  That is was.  My legs are in great shape.  I'm ready!

Brittany rocked her race getting a PR with 2:04, and 3rd in her age division.  Randee and Talia finished. :)


Enjoying a glass of this AWESOME wine while I write this blog...that seems to be taking me FOREVER! 
Let me just say the purple section was empty, so this is some of the GOOD STUFF!  I love when that happens!

Alright, now for some VERY important business.  It's now less than 2 weeks to Marathon Sunday!  Taper is in full effect.  Well, actually it has been for WAY too long now!  My last decision is which outfit to wear.  I'm gonna let my two remaining readers choose.  If no one votes I'm just gonna go naked.  So, for the sake of the millions of people in Chicago, PLEASE VOTE!

Option 1 - This was our original outfit.  If I wear this, Randee and I will be twinkies.  (Just ignore the glowing boobs in the TV screen.)
Option 2 - I just ordered this from  I was looking for more color! (Once again, pay no mind to the UFO boobs.)
With either outfit I would also be wearing...
This white sparkly glamor band from Chica Bands and...

...these white compression sleeves from Zensah.
The phone lines are open.  You may vote as many times as you would like.  No limits here.  The only rule is you must be drinking wine while voting.  Whining while voting is also allowed.

Happy Whining, Wineing and VOTING!


  1. 2 buck chuck in hand... I vote... uh... can you wear the blue shirt with the skirt? I want to vote for the skirt, but I don't dig the red.

  2. The red. Be twinkies. It's a big trip, enjoy it.

    You didn't mention the rude driver that called you a Bitch while you were doing that parking garage photo.

    I saw Brittany zoom past me around mile 8 or 9 when I was starting to suck a$$!!!

  3. Love the sparkly headband! And I vote for option 2!

    And that platter of deliciousness! Yum! Sign me up for some of that!

  4. I'm going with number one. I read somewhere that red makes you faster. Sure, maybe that's not true --- but what if it is?? I actually decided I should probably add MORE red to my running wardrobe since I think I only have one thing so far. Tsk, tsk. Go red!