Saturday, September 24, 2011


According to this...


Apparently 35 years ago...

These were the hippest napkins money could buy for a baby shower.
I was looking through my baby book this morning.  There are about five pictures in the book.  However, I did learn that I started yellow vegetables on November 29 and green vegetables on December 22.  WOW mom, you made me eat nothing but yellow veggies for almost a month?  And for those of you who have always wondered what in the heck was wrong with me.  It would appear that on November 21 I fell off the bed and was taken to the doctor, and on March 21 I had diarrhea.  It's all in the book people.  No denying it.

Look how spiffy dad and I looked for Easter.  Not sure what we were both smoking that kept us from being able to open our eyes.  However, it would seem this was the bests of all the pictures taken that day if it made "the book."
After church I changed into something a bit more comfortable so I could show off my amazing abs.  Now mom, what the heck were you thinking?  A bonnet and half shirt?
My 1st birthday! I'm totally expecting a ton of gifts today with gigantic pre-made bows just so can reenact this picture.  Notice one of my uncles in the background with a shirt showing the year I was born.  I wonder if they still have that shirt for our reenactment?
For my 2nd birthday it looks like I had a PBJ sandwich on a fancy paper plate.  And what about those yellow chairs?
I must say it's been a wonderful 35 years.  I woke up this morning to my daughter making me toast, coffee and....
The coolest birthday cake EVER with only 17 candles.  She didn't want to burn down the house!  That my dear would be a two layer chocolate cake with two types of frosting and all kinds of crazy decorations.
Now we are about to take a motorcycle ride with friends to the lake.  Then a wine tasting.  After that it is HYDRATION time!

Heels, Hills and Him Half Marathon tomorrow.
I'm in deep thought. Today I turn 35. Tomorrow is my first race in the new age bracket.  My bib number is 34.  35 would have been totally AWESOME!  Why 34?

Alright, I'm off to have a super, spectacular day!  Happy Saturday!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! You are in my age bracket now, so slow down. LOL! ;-). See you tomorrow.

  2. Happy birthday! I look forward to many more years of being fearful of you.

  3. Happy birthday lady! Enjoy the race tomorrow :)

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  5. So sorry about the diarrhea. ;) But the bonnet was really nice! Don't you just love baby books??!!

    Happy Birthday to you!