Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anybody seen my crush?

Today was a milestone mother moment.

On the way home from school my son informed me that he needed to find a crush.  As in a girl that he likes.  Allegedly, it is horrible that he is almost out of elementary school (6th grade to be exact) and has not had his first crush.

So, apparently he is looking.

During the conversation I learned that everyone is doing it.  No, not "it."  They're only in the 6th grade for pete's sake.  Everyone is getting a crush.  And they are dating.  Dating I learned involves holding hands....and wait for it....even kissing. 

Now mind you, during this conversation the girl child is in the backseat repeating "Trent are you sure you should be telling mom all this?"  Perhaps she is on to something!

I asked him what he was looking for in a crush.

I mean, he has to have high standards with this for a mom.  Right?
Wrong.  He informed me that looks don't matter.  Surely he did not get this advice from his dad, or did he?

He let me know that he needed a girl that agreed with him.  By this he meant that he did not want a girl that wanted him to buy her things, with him getting nothing in return.  If he got her a gift, he expects a gift.  If he holds the door for her, she should hold one for him.  He's looking for 50/50.

Not sure if I think this is brilliant or horrible.

Welcome to the tween years.  I guess Doug and I need to prepare for our new era of parenting.

I want to hear your kid's first crush stories.  Tell me what to expect.  Drama?  Tears?  Hand holding?  And god forbid...kissing?


  1. Uh, I don't want to think about any of this.

    Go get you some Trent!!! It's in your DNA to find a girl with lumps and humps.

  2. He was in 5th grade and she was an absolutely adorable english girl (it was the accent, I know it). They kissed apparently -- but it was only once or something. They did, however, have matching costumes that Halloween (dracula vampire and vampiress -- think before Twilight vampires). They were so cute. It was over by Christmas but they remained friends.

  3. Oh I don't even want to consider this yet. Hayden still thinks girls are yucky, I'd like it to stay that way. I worry about Addie...she's very concerned with her looks at the ripe old age of 3. Parenting is hard.

  4. My dog had a boyfriend. His name was Bear. He was my mom's neighbor dog. They pretty much just ran around together and sniffed each other. At first meeting his "lipstick" was showing, and so for him I guess it was love at first sight. He's not around anymore. She refuses to replace him.

    They wore matching party hats at my dog's birthday party, too! It was really cute.

    I always wait for my friends to tell me that little girls are writing their sons notes. Do they do that anymore in school? Note writing? Then folding it up in all those fancy ways?