Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sexy forehead wrinkles

Today was an easy 8 mile run.  Well, as easy as 8 miles can be in 90% humidity.  At least it was not crazy hot.  We did our Starbucks run, an out and back.  Little Brittany smoked us as usual.  Randee and I had not seen each other all week, so we had a lot of chatting to do.

Talia found herself a boy toy, and we haven't seen much of her since.

Tonight we have a fun night planned to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  At Starbucks we discussed my oldness.

We have a 1/2 marathon next weekend. (The reason for the early celebration!)  I will move up to a new age bracket.  What an exciting birthday gift!

Randee kept reminding me that she is 1 1/2 years younger than me.  BFD.

She was teaching us sexy tricks you can do with toothpicks and Starbucks cup thingymabobs.

I'm pretty sure Little Brittany learned a lot from Randee's sexy lessons & can't wait to try them out.

Or perhaps you only need the sexy tricks when you are old and wrinkly.  Oh well, I'm gonna celebrate every moment.  Perhaps I'll have a shot for every year.  Or maybe not.  That might kill me.  Just know there will be wine.  There will be friends.  There will be live music.  And there will be much fun had!


  1. hahahahaha - happy birthday early

  2. This sounds like a night that might add another wrinkle to a forehead or body part. I'm envisioning it along the lines of the Hangover ... but with hot runner chicks instead of dudes. I hope Mike Tyson and his tiger were there.