Sunday, September 11, 2011

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I know, I know.  Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I had an all out Oprah "ah ha" moment on Friday.  My priorities have been way out of wack the past few weeks.

1.  The family Wine
2.  The new job
3.  Running The Family
4.  Wine Running
5.  Social Networking

Number 4 has been met at least a couple of times each week.

Thank goodness for temperatures like this the past couple of weeks.  That's been our only ounce of motivation to get 'er done!
Number 5...well that just has not been happening.  I run the kids around like a freakin' taxi.  My new job is in full swing.  It has me busy, but this is a good thing.  I'm totally lovin' the job and a bit obsessed with it at the moment.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna rock at it! :)

Now, back to my "ah ha" moment.  My amazing daddy came to town on Friday and helped me get organized and pumped to work my new business.  Part of this was organizing my time to make myself successful.  I was setting up my calendar and blocking out time to take the kids to school, to make prospect visits, to update my database, etc.  So, you know what?  I'm gonna pencil in time to blog.  That's right.  Blogging will now be on my daily schedule! I guess I need to go ahead and pencil in wine time also.  I sure as heck don't want to miss that....but I'm pretty sure that would never happen!

Alrighty, now that you know you're gonna see my zitty little face a lot more we can move on to today's run!

Marathon Training:  Week Who Knows.  Twenty miles was on the schedule.  Our last official long run before race day.  We have two 8 milers and a half marathon.  Then it's Chicago.  Hard to believe!

It's actually been several weeks since we have all ran together.

Nothings changed.  I'm still hands on hip girl with more zits than a 14 year old boy and an ever growing muffin top.  I'm pretty sure my body is extremely good at storing carbs for future use.  By the way it looks I have about a six months supply.
Ms. Thang has had a calf injury.  Rest and deep tissue massage seemed to have done the trick.  She arrived at 4:00 this morning in full make up and blown out hair.  WTH?  She went to some fancy smancy wedding last night.  I'm almost surprised she did not show up in her sexy dress and running shoes.
The always lovely Randee was present and accounted for.  She was actually quite tolerable today, knowing it was our last long run.  She keeps swearing she is leaving her running shoes in Chicago, and never running again.  We shall see.  Since I have such a family friendly blog I refrained from posting the picture of Randee flipping me off.  Bitch.
Little Brittany just keeps getting skinnier, and skinnier.  She is rocking marathon training and looking good in the process.  I hate her.  She was all business this morning and ready to get her run on.
We started and ended at Randee's house.  A couple of highlights along the way....

1.  Me almost stepping in puke.  Someone had most likely had a few too many drinks and puked right in front of their driveway.  It was pitch black.  I didn't see it until I had just a split second to hurdle over the nasty pile of last night's fun.  Gross.

2.  The party that was going on in Randee's hood.  It was 4:30am.  They were still going strong.  I'm pretty sure we were great entertainment as we go running by...three times.  We did not want to have to make up miles when we got back, so we did three laps before heading out.  Just for the record, the party had finally ended when we returned after 20+ miles.

3.  The hoochie mama at the QT gas station.  We stopped in to pee.  I wanted to take a picture so freakin' bad.  Now I wish I would have so you could see what we did.  Just image an entire can of Grand Jumbo Biscuits trying to be wrapped up using only a small tootsie roll wrapper.  Not gonna happen.  I'm pretty sure I saw some butt crack the chubby chicks dress was so short.  She could hardly walk in her 4+ inch heels.  It was 5:00am.  I'm pretty sure she was coming home...not going out at that hour.  It was a jaw dropper.

4.  At the same gas station we made friends with a police officer who was eating a doughnut and checking out the Pillsbury dough boy girl.  As he wiped the glaze off his face he asked how many miles we were doing.  When we replied 20, his eyes widened and he declared he would have a heart attack.  Note to self:  If you do something illegal RUN...and keep RUNNING!

This was all within the first six miles.  Things got a bit less eventful after that.  We hit Wal Mart at mile 12.  We used the potty and purchased a cold water.  The weather was awesome at this point.

On the return my right knee decided to be a pain in the butt.  Actually my hamstring was tightening up.  I was having to stop every two miles and stretch it out.  As long as I did this I was able to keep running without shooting pain.  We hit 20 miles and the weather was getting hot.  It was only 80, but the sun and the previous mileage made it seem hotter.  What really sucked was that we had been a little over zealous with our run around the neighborhood.  We had almost a mile to go to get back to Randee's house.  My garmin said 20.90 when we finally got there.

I'm not sure what this is all about...

...but you could have salted the rim of 10 margarita glasses with the salt on my face after the run.  Not sure I've ever had that before.
Ice bath....check.  Epson salt bath...check.  Food...check (I was freakin' starving!)  Nap...check.

I'm spending the rest of the day icing my knee and eating three times my body weight.

I'm also remembering 9.11.01.  I was three months pregnant with Audrie.  I was driving Trent to Mothers Day Out when Doug called and told me what was going on.  We all gathered in the conference center at work and watched the TV.  I spent the next few days listening to the silence.  We live five minutes from DFW airport.  We ALWAYS hear planes....except for a week in 2001.  It was eerie quiet.

Have a reflective day of remembering and don't forget to be thankful for loved ones and for your freedom!


  1. Just FYI, not all cops are runners like you ladies are, but we've adapted to compensate for that. Thankfully I just jump in the cruiser and fire up the FLIR and radio. ;). Good blog! And talia, babe always lookin' fly!


  2. This new blog is cool. Maybe I should fallow?

  3. Yay for running AND blogging!

    I wore that shirt today too :)

    I can't believe your race is SO SOON! Eeek!

  4. I also get salt on my face when I do the long runs. Guess I just have salty sweat.

  5. So glad to have you back. I have missed your blog :)