Monday, September 12, 2011

Soccer mom with purple teeth

Posting two days in a row.  This is definitely some kind of recent record!

We are definitely back in the full swing of school and fall activities in this house.  School, tutoring, soccer, swimming, piano and the list goes on and on.  One thing I am trying to make sure I do more is cook for my family.  I know that sounds easy, but I could easily live off hummus and crackers.  Okay, and wine.  The kids don't enjoy this diet very much.

Tonight we are having filet mignon wrapped in bacon (super low fat!), sauteed mushrooms & tomatoes and parmesan risotto. 

Oh yes, and I'm having a glass of this tasty wine.
Now let's discuss how this dinner is going.  We are eating at 5:00pm with the old people because we have soccer practice at 6:00pm.  The kids still have homework, so they are at the kitchen table multitasking...eating and doing math.  I have a blog to write, because I promised I would, so I'm in my office typing and eating.  Doug's still at work.  So, the goal of an actual cooked dinner has been met.  Perhaps now we need to work on the family eating together part.  And just so you know, Audrie just declared the only part of this dinner she liked was the bacon.  I need another glass of wine.

No workout this morning.  Recovering from 20 yesterday.  My knee has been sore most of the day, but icing and a chiropractor visit have made a huge difference.  Randee's out of town for work the rest of the week.  Perhaps I'll get brave enough to workout alone.  Yoga sounds wonderful at the moment.

Speaking of yoga, Randee and I have already been talking about what our next obsession will be.  Perhaps we will be the Bitchy Yogis.  We might get kicked out of class for being too loud.  We are really good at running our mouths and drinking coffee and wine.  Any suggestions on what we should try next?  I guess it can't involve running shoes since Randee's leaving her's in Chicago.

Soccer practice calls.  Perhaps I should go brush so I don't greet the other moms with purple wine teeth. 

Have a Magnificent Monday Night!


  1. I could eat crackers, hummus and wine for dinner every night:)

  2. Sounds good except for the fungus. Keep the purple teeth.