Friday, August 26, 2011


Wowzers! This has been one crazy week!  Goodbye lazy summer days.  Hello school year and all your insanity!

Suddenly I have NO social networking time. How sad is that?

The kids started school on Monday.  Trent's in 6th grade, Audrie's in 4th grade and Alessandra is our Italian exchange student who will be in high school.
Just to make the first week of school more exciting.....
Trent fractured his femur last Friday.  I was in Utah.  Doctor Daddy kept the kid drugged up on ibuprofen all weekend.  We went to the urgent clinic on Sunday evening when I returned.  They put the hard cast on Tuesday afternoon.
Can you tell he is super stoked about life on crutches for three weeks?
He was actually quite lucky.  Femur breaks can be horrible and usually require surgery.  Thankfully his was just a small fracture and three weeks in a hard cast should fix him right up.  I think he enjoyed the cute blond girl who taught him to properly use his crutches.  However, having to have his mother help him shower is not so enjoyable.  "Mom don't look," has been said at least one million times in the past few days.

I've also started my new job.

This week I have been working from home and getting my database in order.  So far I'm loving every minute of it!  Being a former teacher it feels strange to have so much freedom this first week of school.  I'm definitely less exhausted than I was this time last year.
This cartoon made me giggle.  To be honest it's been a while since I had a job where I was the toilet paper.  Thank goodness!

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I promise to get my priorities back in line soon and return to regular blogging....and running!

Randee's oldest son Brayden started kindergarten on Monday.  Even bitchy Randee shed a few tears.
Hopefully we will both be back in a routine next week.  We do have a marathon to complete in 6 weeks.  OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!  We have our first of two 20 milers tomorrow.  The goal is to not die.  I hope this goal is realistic.

My son went out the door to school singing this song, so it's on my mind.

It's Friday, Friday.  Gotta get down on Friday!


  1. I am so jealous! I go back to school in a week and I have serious anxiety. It's hard to be away for 2 months and then go back full force (not like I'd EVER complain... I love my job)
    What job are you starting??? Congrats :)

  2. LOL - Did you see I posted the sister picture to your "Friday" pic?

    Did I ever tell you good luck at your new job? Or congrats?? Good luck!!

    Here's hoping next week will be less busy :)

  3. I can't wait to meet Alessandra! It's weird to see a Taylor with an exchange student who isn't Asian or Colombian, but I guess that's just because I wasn't around in the early years.

  4. That has to be so sucktastic to have to go to school with a cast. BUT it could garner him some extra attention and in the end he could be the popular guy all the girls wants to dance with at the school dances?!? Perhaps this cast is actually a POSITIVE thing?

    That or it just really sucks!