Friday, August 5, 2011

Please hold....

Marathon Training Week 13 - Day 4

Yesterday we did fartleks.

Randee was not nearly as chipper as she looks in this picture.

Um yeah, I'm not sure what is going on with my head & monkey arms in this picture.
We did three miles total. It was crazy hot. It was a hard run. We were hitting 7:30 to 8:30 pace during our sprints.

Marathon Training Week 12 - Day 5

Randee is out of town. Today I did Yogilates all by myself. This is kinda amazing. I never workout alone. It's kind of a good thing I was alone.

We do this back roll, but you have to spread your legs and roll down slowly. Repeat. Today every time I rolled down I was passing gas. That has NEVER happened before. What was up with that? I was happy I was alone. I could not control it. Apparently if you need to get some gas outta your belly you should do this move.

I'm currently laptopless. I'm having withdrawals. However, it is proving to make me much more productive in life.

Today I did more decluttering around the house. I also did some plumbing. Yap, plumbing.

Why yes, this is the worst picture of me ever.
Our shower heads needed to be replaced. They were so corroded you could only get a trickle of water pressure. Me and my crescent wrench got to work.

VoilĂ ! 20 minutes later...two new shower heads...and great water pressure. Whoop!
At the moment I am on hold with AT&T. I have been for the past hour. My blood pressure is through the roof. This glass of Riesling is not even helping. If one more person tells me they need to transfer me I am likely to open a can of whoop ass. Not the way I had hoped to spend my Friday night!

Tomorrow we will run 8 miles. Seems easy enough compared to 16 from last week and 18 on the schedule for next weekend.

....please hold...our next available agent will be right with you.....we appreciate your call....bullshit!


  1. Tooter. I won't forget this you know.

  2. Probably should just grab the bottle of Riesling eh?

  3. Can't wait to hear about your 18! Body glide yourself up girl. I have 20 in 2 weeks and that just seems ridiculous.

  4. @Carly...yes the bottle would have been better!

  5. @Paula - Girl you chaffing was crazy! I'm going to have to remember that on Saturday morning when applying my body glide! 20 scares me!

  6. hahaha I hate those calls to the phone companies!! Verizon is the worst!

  7. AT&T doesn't know it yet but I'm dumping them this weekend. We had a mishap with someone's (ahem... husband... ahem) diving in the pool with their phone in their pocket and he bailed on them early. I was gonna try to sweat out the last few months of our contract but it's not gonna be worth it.

    Good job exercising solo... it's rough!