Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Marathon Training Week 15 = SUCK!

We have had a horrible week.  Since there is about to be a bitch fest, let me get straight to the whining.


Randee's decided she is never running again.
Here is the damn book she wrote on facebook...
hmm, toe nails falling off, black toe nails, swollen feet, knees hurt, 5hrs out of my weekends plus take care of 3&5 yr old, clean house and i could go on and on. PLUS, bacteria infection all over my stomach from SWEAT!!! Wonder why I want to be done. I am ready to feel and look like a lady again! 5 miles is all i want to do to catch the runner's high and feel the energy from a good run. that many miles you just don't feel good and i'm OVER IT!! i'll finish this shit but i have lost all motivation. angie needs more advice to put up with me than i need advice to finish! she is in for a long 1.5 months!
Somewhere along the way we went from...

THIS.....Enjoying running
to THIS...not enjoying running.
There are several factors.  TEXAS SUMMER is one of the huge ones.  INCREASED MILEAGE is another issue.  No one EVER said training for a marathon was easy.  If it were easy EVERYONE could and would do it.  It's damn hard.  It takes dedication.  It takes determination.  It takes a lot of time.  It takes a lot of sweat.  It takes a lot of toenails.

But dammit, we have come way too far to quit now!
And half of finishing a marathon is winning the mental game.

So, it's time to channel our inner Richard Simmons and find our "CAN DO" attitude.
We have to turn our frowns upside down!
Get a little crazy.
And enjoy the journey!

I've been sippin' on some Red Guitar Tempranillo all week.
Looks like Riesling is all that's left in the "purple zone" for tonight.  Since I am about to clean like a crazy woman, I'm thinking chilled Riesling will taste mighty good later this evening!

I leave tomorrow for Park City, Utah.

I'm not sure I even know how to pack for temps like this.
Leave some words of wisdom to help get us back on the right track for marathon training!  Week 16 needs to ROCK!

What's your whine and wine for the week?


  1. I really wanted to try that red wine! And I also like your take on getting through the mental game of training for a marathon - I fight it every day....

  2. @DEM - Wine good! Target is the best place I have found to buy it. Running really is a mental sport. You're a badass you must be rockin' the mental game!

  3. It's hard. Every. Time. That's why I never recommend marathons unless your heart is 100% in it. Even so, I still usually hit burnout the last month. It is hot, let yourself take walk breaks, as long as you have the miles on your legs, you'll do fine. And tell Doug to get off his rear and replenish the purple section.

  4. @Lesley - you are so right. You have to be SO committed to get trough this process. We have 1.5 months to go. I think it is just burnout. And yes, DOUG....GET ME SOME WINE!

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  6. You girls are AWESOME! Sure there is going to be the SUCK in the training, but my gosh, you two are so strong and week is going to ROCK! Hang in there, chin up, just down a bottle of vino before you head out to run then you won't care :)

  7. @Angie
    Thanks! And I like the way you think with the vino idea!

  8. Imagine training, and doing those 3+ hour long runs ALL. BY. YOURSELF. It's not easy to keep your mind right when your the only one inside it.

  9. @Alecia

    True 'dat! I have NO idea how you do it Alecia. I would have quite on day 2!

  10. You two are ROCKIN' marathon training! I know that these long runs are tough (especially L-O-N-G runs that end up being in the rain... and take an extra beating on your body)! I hope that you have AWESOME conditions for your 20 - so that you get psyched up again!! If you can do 18 -- you can DEFINITELY do the marathon!!

    And -- your TAPER is fast-approaching!!

    Go Girls! You CAN do it!

  11. Come on now bitchy girls you can do it.

    This made me think of the little engine that could, you know the one. So when your ass is dragging hum this little ditty and you will want to shoot me.

    Plus if you quit you can't wear those cute little outfits.


  12. @Brandi

    Thanks for the kind words!Ah, Taper. What a lovely word!

  13. @Nancy - I'm definitely gonna sing that song, and you're so right about our outfits!

  14. Hi ladies! I actually thought of you this past weekend. I ran the Chicago Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. I know. I's no 26.2...BUT I was running a lot of the streets you will be running in October. It is the most amazing city and you will have the best time of your lives.:) I will be down there cheering you guys on. You..WILL...ROCK...THIS!! Just think how drunk you can get when your done!

  15. enjoy that rain!!! Bring some back to TX and bring me some wine please.

  16. im with you 2! i want this over already!!! nose to the grindstone!