Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Trent!

Marathon Training Week 14 - Day 2

Today called for 4 miles at race pace.

Randee did a little sleep running this morning after a whirlwind trip to the in-laws.

Hands on hip girl was more interested in chatting than running.
We did our 4 miles. We walked about half of it due to blisters and tight legs. One day off and it feels like a month!

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11 years ago today...

I was huge and fat...and 6lb 10oz of it was baby. The rest of it...I guess that was all the cheeseburgers, french fries and milk shakes that I thought was required when eating for two!

I was induced around 6:00am...and by 2:30pm Trent Elias was in my arms. He was beautiful and perfect.

This was Doug's attempt at curing jaundice, but I think this is the most amazing picture EVER!

I learned quickly that we could all get some sleep if he was cuddled up next to his mommy.

I spent more on hats for that boy than I did on diapers. He was my real life dress up doll!

He has been a good eater from day one. Spaghetti has always been his favorite. Nowadays at least he can wipe his own face...and butt!

Another hat...and I'm thinking it might be illegal to eat the blue bonnets.

My brown eyed, dark haired boy! Always so curious and full of questions.

He used to love to lay on my belly and give me bear hugs. You know what...I kinda miss those days! Now I have to hold him down and make him love on his momma. (**tear**)

I want to show my kids the world. Trent has a long list of places he wants to visit. He got to mark Madrid off his list in 2006.

That boy loves school. Somewhat fluent in Spanish and a math wiz, he has so much potential ahead of him. I can't believe 6th grade awaits him this year!

And he loves his momma...and his momma loves him!

I love family traditions at the holidays. Christmas...what an exciting time to be a kid!

Trent's not extremely social...but he is funny! He is very witty in his writing and his "Yo Momma" jokes!

I mean seriously, how can you not laugh at this? I don't even know if he realized why it was so funny.

A self proclaimed nerd, he is constantly writing stories about nerds taking over the world!

He is turning out to be one good lookin' kid!

A good lookin' kid with an obsession for spaghetti, video games and making stop motion animation. Oh yes, and donuts.
Happy 11th Birthday to my most beautiful, curious, witty, loveable, intelligent, original, sensitive baby boy!


  1. Happy Birthday Trent!!! You're my favorite nephew!

  2. Happy Birthday Trent! What a wonderful post. You almost had me crying! Why can't we keep them babies forever? Or, like 5?

  3. Happy birthday to your little man :) !!

  4. From another self-proclaimed nerd... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TRENT!!
    And -- I think he's absolutely right on -- us nerds/dorks/geeks WILL take over the world, one way or another!! :)
    (I LOVE the baby-pictures of your little guy! Absolutely adorable!)

  5. I read all of your comments to Trent. He giggled...but I think he secretly loved them!