Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Today was our first attempt at Zumba.  If only I had a video.  That is some crazy stuff.

These people have rhythm.
I. Do. Not.

This was either me doing a Michael Jackson move or having a nervous breakdown from my white girl syndrome.
Julie was shakin' what here mama gave her, and giggling the entire time.
And Randee....Lord help us.  She had pole dancing flash backs and was grinding on the Christmas tree.

I'm not sure those were Zumba moves, but she seemed to be enjoying herself.  The Christmas tree, not so much.

I don't feel very whiny today.  Well, unless you want to bring up the subject of LAUNDRY.  Oh how I loath laundry.  I'm so far behind, as always.  I'm considering relocating to a nudist colony.  I'm sure the kids will adjust.  Our Christmas cards might be a little disturbing, but dang if the laundry wouldn't be done!

Oh yes, and my inner thighs are SO SORE!  Jillian sure knows how to put a hurtin' on a girl.


I think I'll pour myself a glass of this tonight.  It arrived straight from Italy, and taste oh so good!
I realized I never wrote about my Napa trip over Thanksgiving.  Perhaps I'll do a quick recap tomorrow for those of you interested in seeing how much food and wine you can consume in seven days.  Just know, the price is 10 pounds!

The girl child is making cupcakes for her holiday party at school tomorrow.  It's her passion.  Works out great for me.  She even cleans up the mess.  Awesome!
What's your whine and wine for the week?


  1. I've done Zumba before, and to be honest I was disappointed in it. I prefer the Les Mills workouts like bodypump. But it may have something to do with the fact that the instructor was a snobby bitch. Maybe if I had taken it with someone else I would have enjoyed it more.

  2. Those are the people I do Zumba with --- all 3 times I tried it. Oh my gosh - what a sweat fest that was. I should start doing it again. I mean I freaking paid out the ass for it, maybe I should just do it!

  3. Wine: 2 buck chuck. Oh, how I will miss it.

  4. I'll be looking forward to that Italy recap - show me the WINE! :)

  5. Whine....took longer to drive 4 miles than it would take to run it, effectively doubling the drive to my son's volleyball practice. An hour and a half of driving, all so he could do a (oh by the way, we just made this optional) 20 min positional practice...and then kill time for 2.5 hours until his regular practice. Grrrr

  6. Btw, the Zumba pictures are hilarious. I've always wanted to try it.

  7. I tried Zumba once. It gave me shin splints. Running double digits? No problem. One hour Zumba? Shin splints.

    Wine - A to Z Pinot Noir. It's delicious!

  8. Quote: And Randee....Lord help us. She had pole dancing flash backs and was grinding on the Christmas tree.

    Thanks for the true "LOL" moment!

  9. hahaha girl child....interesting name...and zumba is NOT my friend, white girl couldnt bust a move and will never return to that class

  10. And she's fancy frosting too! I'm too lazy for that. Mine goes on with a knife.