Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

No your eyes are not failing you.  I really am posting twice in one week! 


Well, I'm still whining about that marathon on Sunday!  I just went to take a look at the race photos.  I knew they would have to be spectacular with the rain, wind and freezing temps.  You know what happens when 25,000 people are wearing ponchos?  No one's race bib is showing.  Therefore, EVERYONE is in lost and found.  You have to really want to see how sad you look to find your race pics! 

Luckily I'm very vein, and I don't give up easily.  Pics were found, but really we would all be better off if they would have stayed lost!

Well, I guess Talia and I stayed together longer than I realized.  This is mile 8.  Why yes, I have morphed into a heavy set man since I last posted.
This is my counting 1 to 100 at mile 19.

I have to admit the final miles are on a downgrade and a very long, straight road.  I'm pretty sure those boys behind me are walking slower than my granny.  I'm barely in front of them and it felt like I was really runnin'.  Dang my lack of training and wine consumption.
I've never been happier to see a finish line!
I can finally walk somewhat normal today.  My right knee and ankle were really swollen after this race.  Actually, on Monday both of my legs from the knee down to my toes were crazy swollen.  I was a little concerned, but all is getting better.

A couple of stories I forgot to put into the race report.

At some point around mile 10 police were working an intersection where the cross street was not shut down.  They were letting a car or two pass when there was a break between runners.  Just before I crossed a car went when they were not supposed to.  The first male police officer jumps up and karate kicks the car's passenger door.  The other female police officer screams "dumb ass" at the driver.  I gasped, and then giggled.  Some drama to distract me from my agony!

The other funny thing was around mile 18 I sent this picture to Doug, Cheri, Alecia and a few other people in a group text.  It then began to rain again so I quickly put my phone away and carried on.  Somehow my bouncing sent multiple gibberish text to individual people from my group message.  Apparently it went on for quite a while.  Just my way of letting them know I was alive.


Well, I had some last night.  It was Italian.  It was tasty.  I think tonight my wine of choice will be NyQuil.  I have a little tickle in my throat and want to make sure I don't get sick!  We have Doug's formal Christmas party this weekend.  I surely don't want to miss that!

So tell me, what have you had to whine about lately?  How about wine?  Have you had anything good?


  1. What shirt were you wearing in your finish photo? It looks like a Hooters shirt. Did you work there back in the day?

  2. At least the finish looks really triumphant, I love this story, but also feel really bad that you had to go through it...I had some wine last night too, I have no idea what it was, but it's gone :)

  3. That looks MISERABLE!!

    And I thought you had on a Hooters shirt, too!!

  4. Nope, not a Hotters shirt! Chicago Marathon finishers shirt ladies!

  5. Oh man! The karate kick story had me laughing pretty good!