Monday, December 26, 2011

Have you met my new fat rolls?

I've started naming my new fat rolls.  There's Nancy and Debbie and Pat.  It seems like a new one arrives every day.  They have about worn out their welcome, and it's time for their departure.

I guess Randee has a few unwanted guests as well.  She sent me a text telling me she had ordered two new videos this morning.

Apparently Bob's Total Body Transformation will either make us look good or kill us.

And of course she had to order more Jillian.  Randee loves Jillian so much she wants to have her babies.  It's sick really.
We are also supposed to start 90 days of P90X on January 2nd.  The hard part at this point is getting motivated and back in the routine.  It is super easy to become LAZY!  I plan to get naked and look in the mirror today.  I'll say a proper good bye to Nancy, Debbie and Pat.  I'll remind myself that none of my clothes are fitting.  I'll promise my body there are no marathons in 2012.  It should be a grand time.

We had a very nice and relaxing Christmas.  We have been eating and present opening since Thursday.  I have no idea how my children will fit all their new loot into their rooms.  Right now it's all still in the living room and they are playing together.  It's quite lovely really.  Later this afternoon the tree comes down, the toys get put away and reality returns!  For now, we sip coffee and play.

I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas, filled with family, laughter and making memories.  Oh yes and good wine!  I feel very blessed to say mine was filled to the brim with all of these. 

Our Christmas festivities....

Not sure this tasty gift from my son is gonna help with getting rid of those fat rolls!

Love this awesome wine glass Alessandra gave me.

Look at that chair under Trent...there are two dogs and lots of tissue paper down there.  Those pajama pants got quite the excited response.

Drinkin' some tasty champagne at mom & dad's house.  Cheers!

Trent was lovin' his Uncle Brad and Aunt Alecia.

Mamma got herself a brand new Moving Comfort sports bra.  Fancy.

Alecia at Tin Can Treader was lookin' mighty cute on Christmas Eve.  It was kinda weird she brought her bedroom toys out to show the family.

I bet my granny is more stylin' then your granny!

I wish I could say I won big during the traditional family poker game...but I was the first one out.

Twas the night before Christmas...
Wake up sleepy's Christmas morning!

Trent was lovin' his laptop Santa left him.

Santa hooked Audrie up with lots of duct tape for her crafting pleasures!

We may never have to actually talk to each other again.  With each family member having their own laptop we will just IM if we have something to say.

Doug and I looking all cute in our Christmas PJ's....did you notice my sock monkey slippers?

Another family gathering...more cousins and more presents!

My mom hooked me up with this awesome ornament.

The video is my adorable niece and nephew signing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" with Trent and Audrie.  It was for my stylin' grandma...who happens to have an iPhone and facebook account!

It has taken me about three hours to finally finish this post.  It's now time to feed Nancy, Debbie and Pat.  Eating healthy starts tomorrow...after I go to the grocery store!

What was your favorite memory from your holiday festivities?


  1. Great pics - it looks like your family has had a great Christmas.

    My fat rolls have been breeding rapidly this month. Time to exterminate. I swear they appear much easier than they disappear.

  2. Great pictures, looks like a pretty perfect Christmas! I want to make babies with Jillian too so I don't think it's sick at all, I love her!! Let us know how Bob's DVDs are, I've thought about buying some.

  3. P90x will kick your booty for sure. I did 45 days of it and I got down to my lowest weight in a LONG time (of course since then I've gained 14 pounds). It works but it sucks. Prepare to hurt.

  4. I'm not even going to say Hello to your fat rolls because I don't want to get emotionally attached, then just have them disappear when all those new videos send them away!

    That Christmas looks AWESOME!!

  5. I love the Chicago Marathon ornament! My mom got me a Chicago Marathon t-shirt from :)