Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Races

I have been fighting a sinus infection since last Friday.  Enough already!  Today I got all excited because I found some old antibiotics in the cabinet.  Hopefully, they will make me better and not kill me.  They are not expired and I did read about them and learn they are for upper respirator infection and pneumonia.  Dr. Angie thought that sounded just like what I needed.  Why yes, I should have just gone to the doctor but....

Yesterday my daughter had a mean stomach bug.  We went to her pediatrician in the morning to learn it was just a virus and to let it run its course.  By 5pm she had vomited a zillion times and was screaming in pain from the cramps.  The doctor suggested I take her to Urgent Care.  So off we went.  They gave her a small pill that dissolved under her tongue.  Within ten minutes she was a new person.  Cramps stopped.  She was able to hold down a sip of liquid for the first time all day.  We got to go home.  She is fine this morning.  Now why in the hell can't they give you those meds at the doctors office?  The doctor at Urgent Care was FANTASTIC.  He checked on Audrie multiple times and was very personable. He gave me a prescription of the meds to keep on hand.  He called it the miracle drug, originally used for chemotherapy patients.  It's good stuff!

Okay, yesterday Doug was having me check my calendar for dates he might have to travel.  He kept asking me about races I had planned.  Then I realized...I have no 2012 races actually planned!  Today I have been trying to decide what I want to do.  Below are a few I'm considering.  I haven't hit "register" for anything yet.

Talia is wanting to do this race on February 11, because of the great swag.  It's a bit pricy for a 5k, but you do get a jacket!
My brother has started running and wanted to do a 10K together.  The Cowtown 10K on February 25, is my choice.  I did great on this course last year, but I was 15 seconds over my goal.  I need a rematch!
My parents are doing this race on March 3.  I will do this at whatever pace they are going.  However, dad if you are reading this...I think at least a slow jog is in order!
I'm only going to do one half marathon in 2012.  I'm thinking about the Big D on April 15.  I don't know much about it, so any input would be great!
For fun's sake, I think I have to do the Warrior Dash on April 22.  The most important decision will be what to wear!  I really want to do a costume this year.  I'm seriously considering my actual wedding dress.  It's already ruined with champagne all down the front!

My other decision to make is a race where I volunteer.  I really want to work an aid station.  I think I need to give back!  Especially after those nice people helped me out in the freezing rain at the White Rock Marathon.  I'm looking for suggestions here.  I also hope the entire gang will join me to volunteer.  We can make it fun.  I would also like to drag my kids out.

Other ideas are:
  •  The Mom's Run - On Mother's Day weekend.  It will be three years in a row for Trent and me.
  • I would like to do a Marathon Relay 
Do you have your 2012 planned out?  How early do you register for races?


  1. I think that your posse would make the funniest group of race volunteers ever! Yall would be a freaking blast!

  2. The Hot Chocolate race that was in DC was absolutely terribly run. It started an hour late and there was serious overcrowding. I heard the one in Chicago was well run though

  3. No Bitchy Runners at Rock n Roll Dallas this year? Boo!

  4. @Layne - I agree...we would be fun! Now to find the perfect race to grace with our presence!

  5. @Mon Amour - Yuck, I hate to here the race sucked! How was the jacket? I've gotta decided if it's worth the money!

  6. @Tara - Well, I'm still seriously considering the RnR Dallas as my half for the year. I LOVED that race last year, and had a good time. It's still an option.

  7. I've never commented before, but I'm from DC, and felt I should clue you in on that race. Most people were saying the jackets were mis-sized (with nearly all of them being too small) and that they were leftovers from the Chicago race (Chicago based company logos). And the jacket plus a $1 off coupon for

  8. Chocolate was all that was in the bag.

    Not tryig to sway you... Just letting you know what happened at the DC race.

  9. I had some friends who ran the Hot Chocolate 15k in DC and they said it was the WORST race they had ever run. I was really bummed to hear this because it sounded so awesome, but everything from packet pick up, to parking, to the jacket (sorry!) sucked big time. I would say save your money on that one.


  10. I've never heard of that pill before for stomach bugs but I can't tell you the number of times I wish I had it for my kids! Why don't they readily share this information with us when we drag them into the pediatrician?

    Did the Warrior Dash last August - TON of fun.

  11. So you're only going to run one half April? I don't buy it. But one is a good place to start. ;)

    I LOVE the wedding dress costume idea!!! I really wanted someone (besides me) to wear to a wedding dress to my wedding. I would have been in on it but no one else would have known. I thought that would have been the funniest thing. I didn't have any takers though. I'm just as excited about your idea!