Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whine and Wine Wednesday

Workout:  Um yeah, that didn't happen.  Three days in a row.  (Drink big gulp of wine and pretend this is not a problem).

Since I have no workout details to share, let's get straight to the whining.


This is how my day stated.  $4.50 spilled all over the counter.  I began to cry for my Venti Nonfat Vanilla Latte, then sucked it up and savored the 1/4 cup that was saved in the bottom.
I have had a MUCH better day today.  I'm happy to report I have not screamed at anyone (except for Audrie this morning when she was taking her sweet time getting ready & making everyone late).  I have not had the urge to throw things or curse out everyone I encountered.  Pretty darn impressive if I do say so myself.

My last complaint of the day is my six month pregnant belly.  No, I don't have a baby inside me.  I'm just pregnant.  Strange I know.  That's what happens when you take three days in a row off from exercise. (Drink another big gulp of wine so eyes become blurred and lead you to believe you look just like Jennifer Aniston.)

Let's move on, shall we?


I'm currently working on a glass of this Falesco Merlot.  I know Miles said "I'm not drinking any F'ing Merlot" in Sideways, but this stuff is pretty darn good.  Perhaps Miles should rethink that statement!  However, I do constantly say, "I'm not drinking any F'ing Chardonnay!"
What are you drinking tonight?  Good lands don't tell me any Arbor Mist.  Go get yourself some good wine!  It is Whine and Wine Wednesday for heavens sake!

Alright, oven's beeping to tell me the salmon is done.

Happy Whining and Wineing!


  1. 2010 Cab from Benefactor Cellars in Australia. It was on special at Trader Joe's and it has a picture of a pirate on the front. Two good reasons to purchase.

  2. Barefoot Pinot Grigio is my favorite

  3. No wine for me last night but I did whine about my glasses a bunch... I'm typically a Pinot Grigio gal... ah, now I want a glass at 11 am.