Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who To Believe?

Sunday is the Too Cold To Hold 15K!

  The awesome Talia picked up our packets today.

Now that is a sexy hat!

A's hammy has been feeling pretty good this week!   Planning on a trip to the chiropractor tomorrow and then a half hour hamstring sports massage on Saturday!

That is not A's hammy.  That is not Cyn.  But we will be doing something similar!

As far as what we will be wearing, who knows!  There are three different options depending on which news you follow!

The warmest and driest option from Fox 4 news!  Hopefully they are the correct ones!

Channel 8 is not bad, but I could do without the chance of rain.

Yeah, and can just bite me!

What are your running plans for the weekend?


  1. Im going to put pocket warmers in pants till we run!

  2. I like the hat...Good luck on Sunday ladies.