Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Year of Unattractive Pictures!

As I sit here and ice my hamstring for the millionth time in the past week, I was thinking about how much I have changed as a runner.  I also was thinking about how horrible race day photos are!  Just for giggles let's take a look back at my first year in running!

January 2010
The Texas Half (5K)

 Yes, we are only running a 5K, but I look like I am in great misery!  I actually look like I am pooping my pants in this picture.
 Even when I know the final outcome, when I look at this picture I am not sure I am going to survive the race! It takes talent to lean that far to the side while running!
This is probably the first 10 feet because I am still upright and look somewhat like I can breath.  However, I am in all cotton, and leopard print gloves!  Greatness!

February 2010
Cowtown Marathon (5K)

You have to admit I almost look like a runner in this picture!  I'm still sporting the all cotton duds and the leopard gloves, but at least I am upright crossing the finish line!

March 2010
Dash Down Greenville (5K)

This was a fun race with green beer at mile one. I was actually sick at this race, but finished!  I'm rocking the movie star sunglasses and shamrock bobble headband!

April 2010
Zoo Run (10K)

Moving up in the mileage world!  This was our first 10K! It was actually a warm day with a light drizzle rain.  The only bad part was the millions of kids at the finish line blocking the water! Looking a bit hunchback and zoned out in this pic!

May 2010
Heels and Hills (half marathon!)

I was totally not prepared mentally or physically for this race.  My knee gave out at mile 8 & I thought I would never finish.  Ended up walking a great portion of the last 5 miles!

The Mom Run

 I ran this race six days after the half with Trent.  His race strategy was all out sprint and then slow to a crawl.  I went from cheerleader to begging him to slow down.  It was great fun!

August 2010
Hottest Half (10K)

So this race totally lived up to its name! I'm still sporting the rock star sunglasses and have no water of my own!  They actually ran out of water the last few miles for the half marathoners! I'm quite impressed with my form in this picture!

September 2010
Heels, Hills and Him (half marathon)

This is the race that I learned to play the mental game!  I ran the entire time even though I had not trained for the race.  I was very focused and finished! I am super serious in this picture, seemingly clueless there is a man behind me in pink and white stripe knee socks!

October 2010
The Vineyard Run (5k)

By the looks of this picture, I got bored and fell asleep during this race.  My feet look like they are barely moving.  I was not prepared for the hills on this course and this race helped to motivate me to train more!

November 2010
The Speedway Run (5K)

The jacket was not a great choice, but I love this picture.  I am sprinting in at the end.  But I'm still leaning to the side!  I have to got to work on my posture! 

December 2010
White Rock Lake Marathon (Relay)

My leg of this race was 5 miles.  I ran sub 10 minute miles, which is good for me.  In this picture I am looking for Randee to hand off the timer to her.  This was my first race sporting my new garmin and second race with my water belt!   And I'm now in all wicking material and fitted running shoes!

January 2011
The Jiggle Butt Run (5K)

A year after my first race I am injured!  My first real injury!  In this picture I am wearing a tutu.  That is a first.  I am carrying my cell phone because I was thinking about facebooking while running.  I tried it, but it did not work out so well! However, even though I ran at a slow pace to baby my hamstring, I have good posture and my feet are actually moving!  I have a LONG way to go, but it's great to look how far I have came in only one year!

How have you changed since your first race?  What are your running goals for 2011?


  1. Love this post! My favs are the first ones! LOL We sure have changed a lot....we actually look like we are doing somethin' now!

  2. Love the one from the speedway where it looks like you are running from someone with a big knife.